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  1. Situation report from Iraq, Mosul Reconstruction Operations Center (MROC)
  2. Welcome to the new Military and LEO Forum!
  3. LX member's stationed at NBVC?
  4. Trooper Check In
  5. FT Riley Kansas
  6. Rules for Non-Military
  7. video of police chargers
  8. On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs
  9. A serious question that doesn't sound serious at all...
  10. Officer Down Memorial
  11. i was going through my room and i found this
  12. Cincy Gang Bust
  13. Standing Tall
  14. Chief Master Sergeant Checking In From UnitedStangs.com
  15. Your Service, Your Rank, Your Duty Station, How Long You Been In
  16. Something for uniforms
  17. Amry question
  18. For All Armed Force Auto Enthusiast Community
  19. Long Night...Me, 4 Drunks & 5 Cops
  20. Show your best camo pic
  21. Favorite TDY spot
  22. Your Favorite Base
  23. The "Official" Ask The Chief Thread
  24. Blackwater / ESI training schools?
  25. Just wanted to say hey
  26. Reppin' the 'FOB of Choice'
  27. Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers
  28. Whats it like getting tased?
  29. Hello,
  30. pics from iraq
  31. The year in photos 2008 (NAVY)
  32. Longest You Have Ever Been In A Gas Mask?
  33. help ASAP JAG needed!!!
  34. Got this in an email, thought Id share
  35. Quick Question for LEOs
  36. Military tattoos
  37. Apr 10 2009 - Mosul attack
  38. Who uses AKO
  39. Air Force Combat Arms.
  40. 19 April - 25 Years to the Day!
  41. finally getting promoted!!!!!
  42. big red one
  43. Best place to buy guns
  44. Canceling pcs orders?
  45. Cbp
  46. Any NEW AF MSgts Here?
  47. Odd question to the cops here
  48. Deployment BLOG
  49. Oh snap!
  50. Fairborn Police Chargers!
  51. My Son is Doing Good at Flight School
  52. I hate these PUKESSS
  53. challengerforumz.com admins are eh holes
  54. 6 years
  55. Good News! The Navy is building Ford's!
  56. Just some Pics for those of you who serve(d)
  57. AARGHH, sometimes I hate the military
  58. Tires on Police hemi's?
  59. Any 2009 LE chargers out there.
  60. Australia
  61. questions about taillights/ front plate for any TX L.E.O.
  62. ft campbell, ky
  63. Deputy Sheriff Shane Thomas Detwiler - End of Tour
  64. Question for Illinois LEOs
  65. A true hero and inspiration
  66. Iraq Inspired Songs
  67. Spotlight on Local Hero - The Punisher
  68. oakley law enforcement site
  69. 20 Years of "Vacation" Pics
  70. One of the most difficult things I've ever had to do...
  71. Show off your racks hehe
  72. Navy Monkey's
  73. I Think My Marine Can Fish...
  74. !! Idiot Alert! !!
  75. I Just Had to Share This -- Classic Clint
  76. Any Boston, Mass. LEOs?
  77. Deep Discounts for LEOs and military
  78. Interesting Headline
  79. Firefighters Kick A$$
  80. Today, I cursed for the first time in 2009, and I am still angry.
  81. Remembering a Friend
  82. help with radios
  83. Don't let the door hit you on the way out... a-hole
  84. MARINES! What say you of this?
  85. Any RCMP in the house?
  86. Army Guys help me contact the 140 quartermaster company in FT. Totten
  87. LEO Need Opinions for Light Bar
  88. The military and videogames.
  89. Some pics from when I was in..
  90. USMC Nose Badge
  91. Chevy Goes Mad!..Max With New Police Cruiser
  92. New to the forum, here is my Patrol Car
  93. LEO's - what rubber is on your Patrol Vehicles??
  94. Looking to rent a 67-69 Camaro
  95. Have some questions for guys in the Air Force?
  96. Lighting on My Car....Done finally
  97. Vets eat free at Applebees on Veterans Day
  98. Iraq next thursday.....
  99. MASCAL at Fort Hood (right now)
  100. USAA opens membership to all who served
  101. I'm telling you all military people are nutz!
  102. Congrats to all you gearheads on 234th
  103. 234 years of slaying the souls of the aggressors of freedom!
  104. USMC Birthday dedication and messages
  105. Ontario's Highway of Hero's
  106. Happy veterans day---- vets
  107. Show off your uniform. Lets see those medals.
  108. I met an old dude in the Kroger parking lot yesterday.
  109. Where can I get a steering wheel cover?
  110. Mock Prison Riots?
  111. For those Marines that are Women too!
  112. Can you tell me what this is?
  113. Nifty Way to Say "Thanks"
  114. Happy Turkey Day from Afghan
  115. Active Duty Registry
  116. Tricked on Halloween
  117. That's what we do, we're Americans!
  118. Tools are needed to keep freedom.
  119. To all military, past & present...A Christmas poem
  120. A Ford Taurus can FLY!
  121. Go to Ranger School
  122. Need some advice MP
  123. The Warrior Song
  124. Police Harassment :)
  125. New Airline Rules.
  126. Military Records Request Site
  127. Lou's Excellent Adventure at the Deseret Ranch
  128. Proud Parents - Part II
  129. block 12 Q
  130. FIVE-0 Charger R/T...bigger pics
  131. Thinking of Enlisting in National guard...
  132. MSgt Roy Benavidez
  133. Military Career Embellishment:(
  134. A background question for LEO
  135. Challenge Coin...show'em if you got'em!
  136. Getting Promoted!
  137. Getting Relocated
  138. 8 week DPS academy for current Texas LEO's
  139. Tragic Loss
  140. DC/MD/VA: Upcoming Job Fair for Veterans (3/26/10)
  141. Nascar Fans......
  142. I'm not that religious, but could really use some help...
  143. 2010 Army SFC unofficial list it out.....
  144. deployments over
  145. Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, Take Advantage!!!
  146. Military Discounts
  147. Mil / LE day at ESTA Dragway NY
  148. took our pkm's out to the range today
  149. I just re-enlisted....again
  150. Tips for a hopeful LEO?
  151. Pray for a fallen brother's family.
  152. V-MUX from Weldon
  153. Any TSO / TSA people in here??
  154. Navy advancement list came out and somehow I made E-6!
  155. navy vet, new lx owner
  156. Shipping to APO/FPO/DPO etc.
  157. Fort Bliss TX anyone????
  158. Memorial day
  159. P-51 February
  160. Thank you
  161. US Ship Rescues Yemeni Mariners From Pirates
  162. Congrats To soljahboy808
  163. This is for my daughter
  164. Another lost friend
  165. Navy LT in Fredericksburg
  166. I made TSgt (E-6)!!
  167. Shootin' Advice
  168. 新加的空白文章14
  169. Two Tampa police officers killed
  170. Just Sayin Hi from the Desert
  171. Gettin back in the groove. (Preparing for PO Acadmey)
  172. HDMS Absalon Patrolling the Gulf of Aden.
  173. Newb and retiring from the Army...
  174. Trees don't bounce!
  175. Yikes! Be careful out there!
  176. Oregon Iraq Veteran Plates
  177. Canadian Airforce Finally is getting rid of the F-18
  178. Guns help
  179. Were you a NYS resident and served in Vietnam? read this
  180. Angel Flight
  181. Those of you transferring
  182. Collecting benefits and medical
  183. New CPO
  184. Checkout what the AIRFORCE did to a Challenger and a Mustang..
  185. Happy Birthday Airforce!
  186. RIP: Old School - Corporal David Ralph Slaton
  187. Operation Salsa Drop
  188. Military to LEO
  189. Fallen Soldiers
  190. A good read...
  191. Fort Riley Kansas Bound...!!!
  192. Ft. Bliss Texas here I come
  193. Awww.... Fresh Air?
  194. i hate shore duty
  195. Which sub-compact should I get for CCW?
  196. Taking tax free leave?
  197. National Guard Birthday!!
  198. THANK YOU - to all who serve - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  199. Wish my GF luck.
  200. Fiancee in the army now
  201. We're still hiring...
  202. state to state laws
  203. RIP Maj. Richard Winters
  204. RIP to one of Toronto's Finest
  205. I got a BAD feeling
  206. Important For All Veterans
  207. Jedi Mind Tricks - Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story)
  208. Fiancee got her assignment after AIT..
  209. wow 6 yrs already. Lost my friend
  210. New rock Song
  211. Big favor guys, vote for a Marine's wedding.
  212. Ha, look what I found.
  213. Prank suggestions needed.
  214. Texas DPS On-site testing available at Camp Lejeune in Fayetteville, North Carolina
  215. Supporting Police officers and military decals?
  216. 2011 SFC board
  217. New Mexico Officer Involved Shooting
  218. Happy 116th Birthday NAVY CHIEFS
  219. MILITARY RESPITE Use it or lose it
  220. vision requirements
  221. Ask A Cop These Are The Rules For 'Ask A Cop' Posts
  222. Ask A Cop question
  223. Ask A Cop Pulling Over
  224. Ask A Cop Cops violating traffic laws
  225. Ask A Cop Drivers Licenses
  226. Ask A Cop Knight Rider Lights
  227. Ask A Cop Ohio law - Drive right and Pass left?
  228. Ask A Cop Tinted cover on headlights?
  229. Ask A Cop LED lighting on motorcycles (MN-specifically)
  230. Ask A Cop Southern california specific. Are halos illegal?
  231. Ask A Cop I gotta ask, fog lights in daytime in clear weather
  232. Ask A Cop Vehicle Codes by State
  233. Ask A Cop straight pipes
  234. Ask A Cop On the Hwy when an approaching Lit Cop car is rolling up on your rear
  235. Ask A Cop Reduction of your traffic ticket and reduction letter
  236. Ft. Huachuca
  237. Military - I need some help finding Alice Keeper Clips.
  238. Ask A Cop Why 4 tickets?
  239. What is happening here?
  240. Ask A Cop Question on being pulled over that came up the other day.
  241. Ask A Cop wrapping my car! Have Questions???
  242. Ask A Cop plate color
  243. Ask A Cop After 4th time being pulled over in a month...
  244. Ask A Cop Displaying your VIN.
  245. Ask A Cop Acceleration to speed limit?
  246. Ask A Cop Heads and tails
  247. Ask A Cop Ticket error (Texas)
  248. Ask A Cop ticketed for "speeding"
  249. Ask A Cop Tinted windows? California
  250. Ask A Cop Speed Pass mounting