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  1. New Texas Regional Forum!
  2. Houston M&G Sunday 11/19
  3. Howdy...
  4. Picking up the SRT8 tomorrow!!!
  5. (Houston) Ideal Track Conditions @ Lonestar Nov. 11
  6. Want some RT springs & bars? Scan Trade?
  7. ATTENTION: Moddin ART will be filming at Hennessey M&G 11/19
  8. Full Throttle Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep
  9. Dallas,Texas Meet in Dec.?
  10. Full Throttle Today.
  11. Sealy, TX
  12. Saw another black Magnum srt8, was it you?
  13. Videos & pics from last weekend- Sealy Tx
  14. houston road and track event this weekend
  15. Crap, the 2 days of Winter are here.
  16. Lonestar MS Park video -- from the man.. GRINNER !!
  17. Star scan in Houston this weekend?
  18. TEXAS -- let's contribute! LX Owners Charity Drive
  19. Recommendation: Houston Shops
  20. Anybody been on the new tollway yet?
  21. SE Texas (HOU) 5.7 LX Needed
  22. Some Sealy pics 12-15-06
  23. Houston M&G Jan 6&7 / 13&14
  24. Any others passing through Austin area on way to Houston?
  25. Come on guy to Abilene, Tx. I come see Yall, come to me!!! for Car Show Jan. 26-28th
  26. $97.25 Oil Change??
  27. 2007 SRT track [email protected]
  28. Car show at the Armadillo Mall 2/17
  29. Cure for "Can't Remember S#!+" ?
  30. The Texas LX Register
  31. Texas plan for Perry, GA Shidig.
  32. Frank Racing mods.
  33. Hou- DodgeTalk Meet
  34. Wintery conditions here
  35. Looking for VES for the MagnumSRT8-cheap
  36. Texas Mile - HIGH SPEED RUNS - MARCH 24.25, 2007 LXer's?
  37. Northwest Houston
  38. Sunday Feb 25th SRT experience TMS - I'm in.
  39. Would OCTOBER 6.7 be better? Texas Mile - HIGH SPEED RUNS ?
  40. Finally met one of our supporting vendors.
  41. What part of Texas are you from?
  42. 05 Mag, my Chrome for your Black Headlights
  43. Houston Meet & Greet 2/17 & 2/18
  44. SRT track thing full for sat.24th. WOW!
  45. WE NEED YOU !! Volunteers Needed for 2/17-2/18/07 Houston M/G
  46. houston meet and greet sunday the 18th
  47. Meet, Greet and Run? Ennis: Saturday Feb 17th
  48. Pictures--Armadillo M&D: Day 1
  49. Finally... New MSRT8 in Weatherford!
  50. need help
  51. Austin Area LX's WANTED!!
  52. SuperBee #233 in Austin...are you here, too?
  53. san antonio meet and greet
  54. 3/30-4/1 O’Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals in Baytown
  55. TX Raceway in Kennedale now open
  56. Prayer Request- "El Jorge"
  57. All Texas M&g!!!!
  58. Spring Car Show April 7 2007
  59. Dallas TX
  60. Sunday morning 3/18 car show in Dallas
  61. Pinks
  62. When did DFW owners lose their spirit???
  63. SAturday March 24th Texas Street Car shootout Ennis, Texas
  64. Friday March 23rd Fast Friday Ennis, Texas
  65. A good dealer
  66. Just relocated to south Austin
  67. RC plane swap meet in Weatherford TX
  68. Red SRT on 290/I10
  69. 1st SE Houston cruze and dine
  70. Texas Mile Run 157.450 MPH into Headwind
  71. Grocery Getter Racing Team @ The Driveway (Dial-up warning)
  72. How much would you pay to autocross on a track?
  73. Still NO DVD from SRT TE TMS!!
  74. Car Show Sat!
  75. New Car Club in the Making....HOPEFULLY
  76. Ready for the track.
  77. Going to the track...
  78. Texas members - parts for sale in SPRING,TX
  79. Any local SRT8 with Blastin Bobs pipes?
  80. spotted torred charger srt8 in Weatherford
  81. Houston Magnum Club
  82. Black Magnum In Austin
  83. Don't miss HP Evangelist Reverend Hammer in Central Tx
  84. Car Show Saturday
  85. Seen at the races
  86. Brazoria Count Charger Club
  87. New rotors and pads for me!!!
  88. Anything going on this weekend?
  89. Good to see the Skunk Wagon
  90. Headed to Angleton Raceway
  91. FS: Foose Silver Nitro.
  92. FS Rims and tires
  93. Let's go to Little River.
  94. Saturday car show in Plano
  95. Anyone In Fort Worth, Texas
  96. Let's Cruise To Galveston!
  97. Is there a...
  98. Kennendale drag tonight (5/17)
  99. Car Show Sunday
  100. Pics of our cruise to Galveston!
  101. Wanna autocross at the Driveway?
  102. Lowered Silver Mag in NW Austin??
  103. Hstn/Austin/SA/Dallas - Cruise to Dr. Pepper Musuem, Waco TX - JUNE 9
  104. 6/23/07 Garland, Texas Car show Benefiting Fraternal Order of Police
  105. 6/2/07 Texas Heat Wave Show San Antonio, Texas
  106. 06/08/07 Texas MotorPlex Ennis, Tx Drag Racing
  107. Houston LX Club!
  108. SpaceCity LX...Houston, we have a liftoff !!!
  109. Can we get a Starscan tool for the June 9th M&G?
  110. black Magnum just south of Lampassas on Wed?
  111. Hemi Shop needs your vehicle
  112. Black MSRT on 30
  113. Tx Pass it forward= Bringing the LXtras to Waco, how about you? What do you wish for?
  114. Dallas is doing it BIG, Big D LX Club
  115. Pennzoil ( San Antonio )
  116. Texas Showdown
  117. The FNKYCHKN Tour Book has arrived in Texas!
  118. TEXAS LX'es in Waco! Don't look if you weren't there..you'll want to kick yourself
  119. Central & South Tx road trippers to Waco
  120. Angleton Raceway
  121. No response on a SW Region, so how about one for Texas?
  122. Houston - BEAT THE HEAT MEET AND GREET - July 14
  123. Black Magnum RT near Dell.
  124. San Antonio club
  125. Garland Car Show pix 1 - hi Big-D Club
  126. 7/14/07 M&G at "The Auto Shop" Car Show
  127. More 6/23/07 Garland M&G Pics
  128. Centex......
  129. Corpus Christi Car Show pics
  130. Could use some help on 7/9 and 7/13 getting to/from Houston Airport
  131. On-car balancing- locations?
  132. Dyno in Dallas 7th of July
  133. Could use a ride form Katy, Tx. to Bush International Monday 7/9/07 evening
  134. Fri Nite 7/13 - Racing - Houston/Sealy
  135. Customs sounds texas heatwave july 20-23
  136. Any members on FM1458 this past Sat.??
  137. San Antonio LX night
  138. Austin group headed to Houston M&G this weekend
  139. wheels and tires and Powder coating
  140. Thanks Houston LX Group
  141. Austin Heat Wave plans- You are invited to join us!
  142. PICS - SPaceCity LX -- Beat the Heat M/G 7/14/07
  143. Texas Streetcar Shootout Ennis, Tx. 8/18/07
  144. Could use some helping hands @ the Hemi Sh~~~~ Performance R&D!~
  145. A good Home...
  146. New LXF invitation cards have arrived!
  147. S*!t, F-ing Car Wash
  148. Austin Heat Wave pics thread
  149. BillyDSL, where are you?
  150. Tinted tails, problem?
  151. For those of you with video screens up front
  152. san antonio M&G 7/27/07
  153. Rims Almost Stolen In Austin For Heatwave
  154. My car won 3rd place/ Texas Heat Wave Austin, Tx. Magnum Division
  155. Sig Check
  156. Loss of a good friend
  157. any msrt in houston want to trade wheels
  158. Last call for folks going to the Shindig.
  159. Announcing the Alamo City LX Club!
  160. WTB wheels/tires
  161. Anyone up for a track day trip to San Antonio?
  162. alamo city lx club pics
  163. Where to buy Mobil 1 0w40 in Austin
  164. Try Kennedale 1/8th mile again this Sunday?
  165. Sept 15 & 16th, Austin, Tx M&G = Someone will get spanked!
  166. cen-tex-ers friday night temple dragway
  167. Route 66 Rendezvous Car Show
  168. The Shindig was great.
  169. Details for Austin's Sept 15th & 16th M&G ! YOU'RE INVITED!!!
  170. The Austin M&G has our first sponsor!!!
  171. Who's up for San Antonio drags tomorrow night?
  172. Oh, the humidity! (that's my excuse anyway =])
  173. http://alamocitylx.com/
  174. SCT Tuner in Dallas
  175. Charger Limo (Pics)
  176. Werck on Hulen
  177. Memorial Golf Tourney
  178. San Antonio here I come
  179. Was this 300C a member here?
  180. Austin M&G Sponsors update! Why haven't you haven't made plans to be here?
  181. Austin group headed to Houston M&G II this weekend
  182. August 25 - Beat the Heat II - Houston
  183. Texas Mile October 7th Let's see yall there and run what ya brung
  184. alamo city Lx's next meet!
  185. October 6, 2007 - ALL TX LX M&G II - Dallas, TX
  186. Anyone looking for employment? Very rewarding company for govt.
  187. Dallas Rim Shop
  188. Alamo City LX Club M&G Sunday 2 Sep
  189. RSVP HERE for the Austin Tx Sept 15th M&G
  190. Route 6 Rendezvous Car Show
  191. Road Race Track
  192. Flyer For the Austin,TX M&G on September 15&16
  193. Head Count: Space City LX: Road trip to support Austin/Capital City LX (Austin)
  194. Head count: Alamo City LX road trip to Austin LX M&G :)
  195. Paint shops in Central Texas....
  196. One day until the Austin M&G = Updated details...
  197. who's up for a local houston cruise in?
  198. Thanks again to all who attended & supported the Austin M&G today!
  199. Anyone from Tx going to Bullrun II for Vegas run
  200. the official Austin Tx M&G picture thread
  201. ACLX track day-wed 9-19-07
  202. Tyler, Texas Area LX Owners
  203. TxSwimDad-Got Autocross Results??
  204. Decent Tire Shop in Austin - Torq-Thrust M's
  205. biff buzzbys tonight
  206. CORR Racing Texas Motor Speedway 10/19/07
  207. Alvin, Pearland to Freeport LXs
  208. Angleton raceway
  209. Houston Airport
  210. Does anyone know anything about Direct Energy?
  211. LXOM (Not for TxSwimDad eyes)
  212. Anybody need a job?
  213. Alamo City! AutoFest Car Show anyone?
  214. ACLX Trackday!!
  215. 24th Annual Long Horn Rod Run
  216. East Texas Crossroads Classic Car Show Lindale, Texas
  217. Space City Meet and Greet
  218. Texans going to the "Meet in the Middle"
  219. Leading Edge Oct. Booster [email protected] M&G
  220. Convoy From Austin/SA to Dallas M&G
  221. Dealer in N. DFW
  222. Anyone up for golf??
  223. Diablo vs SuperChips
  224. What is life like in Houston?
  225. anyone in the DFW area wanna swap headlights??
  226. Alvin,Texas Meet and Greet
  227. Front Fascia Repair, Houston
  228. Central TX dinner Wednesday night (10/17)-Bone Daddy's
  229. Texas Motorplex Oct 27
  230. Advance Auto Parts Car Show
  231. Car Show Saturday 10-20-07
  232. 25th Annual San Antonio MOPAR Car Show October 20 2007
  233. Hey Alamo City! Buzzby's this Friday?
  234. Monthly Dinner meetings
  235. Monthly M&G's
  236. What's in a name? (DodgeCityBoyz)
  237. Little River/Academy Drag strip this Friday
  238. Are you on this TEXAS list of LXF members?
  239. High Resolution pic
  240. Alvin Meet and Greet
  241. Alamo Citly LX M&G Sat 27 Oct
  242. Austin Road trip to Nov 2nd Mopar day in Sealy!
  243. NOV 24th Central Texas M&G - DETAILS
  244. Any interest in a statewide club name for Texas?
  245. ben bruce memorial raceway
  246. 22" Maas M52 for sale
  247. Anyone been to a Haunted House in San Antonio?
  248. Pictures from Crossroads Classic Car Show Lindale, Tx
  249. universal air setup for charger/300
  250. VOTE for the name of the new Austin area group