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  1. Please welcome our newest site supporting vendor!! - Advanced Automotive Concepts
  2. What you guys have been waiting for.... Magnum HALO GB!
  3. AAC Custom HALOs for 300C/ SRT-8
  4. AAC Custom HALOs for Dodge Charger!
  5. AAC Custom HALOs for Touring 300!
  6. Magnum Halo's with Concept car LED Bar
  7. OEM Magnum Housings for HALOs!
  8. AAC Press Coverage- Nov '06
  9. Anti Reflective coating?
  10. DUB Magazine Ad: Need a Magnum!
  11. Thank you AAC
  12. one of my halos dont work...what do i do now?
  13. Could I run my Halos/LED off my Fog Light Power Button?
  14. pics of magnum projectors
  15. NEW! Xenon HID Kits for LX Vehicles from AAC!
  16. Attention Justin
  17. Congrats to the January AAC Ride of the Month, LXforums very own...
  18. Magnum Headlight Eye Candy
  19. AAC Sales Department (800)407-5776
  20. Look for AAC in the March issue of DUB in the "Fresh" products section!
  21. Parts replacement for AAC
  22. DUB "Fresh" Feature: AAC's ORACLE Brand HALO's
  23. Richard @ AAC
  24. Grill?
  25. New Shop Location for Advanced Automotive Concepts
  26. halos on fog lights!!
  27. 300C demoneyes
  28. Wanted:
  29. Look What Brewing!!!!!aac Charger Halo Tails In The Works!!!!
  30. Where are my Demons?
  31. Justin.....Call me.
  32. I need a tracking number from you guys!
  33. 45 Magnums
  34. New Member Introduction from AAC
  35. Status of Headlights
  36. Status of headlights V.2
  37. Greco's Super C (DUB Feature)
  38. Demon / Angel Halos Experiences
  39. Retrofit Project
  40. New pics of my Demon eyes
  41. Group Buy: 8000K D1C Xenon Bulbs for Factory HID Equipped 300Cs and SRT-8
  42. Installed my AAC 8000K D1C Xenon HID kit
  43. Projector Retrofit & Angel / Demon Eyes
  44. Who want to be the first ever....
  45. Received my lights finally
  46. wating for my lights
  47. Halo fog lights.
  48. Custom halos???
  49. DUB Show: Atlanta... who is going?
  50. IN STOCK! "Flicker Free" Xenon Kits for Magnum, 300C, and Charger!
  51. Few Questions
  52. SALE!: Black SRT8 Magnum Headlight Housings $299 a pair NEW!
  53. GB: Charger Taillight Halo Kit
  54. Hot Import Nights: Dallas, TX
  55. HIN Orlando: 07/09/07
  56. BLUE Charger DOUBLE or TRIPLE Halo Kit... SALE: $179!
  57. Customers Car: Blue Headlight Halos/ White Fogs
  58. NEW! Magnum LED Turn Signals HID (High Intensity Diodes)
  59. LX Foglight HID Kits 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, or 10000K IN STOCK $225 Shipped!
  60. AAC V.2 Inverters- Free Inverters Inside!
  61. Magnum Halo Kits w/ V.2 Inverters on SALE just $159!
  62. Thanks AAC....
  63. New invertors
  64. How-to: Install Charger Tails HALO Kit
  65. DUB Show Houston, TX Aug 26th
  66. Need my lenses cleaned
  67. Magnum V.2 ORACLE Headlight + Foglight HALO Package! (SALE)
  68. SALE: NEW OEM Charger Headlights w/ Halos Installed! Just $399!
  69. SALE: NEW OEM Magnum SRT/RT Headlights w/ Halos Installed! (SALE: Just $459!)
  70. HID retrofit
  71. Where is my Charger Halo tail kit??
  72. custom lights with Q45s
  73. Getting Married this Weekend....
  74. Who wants their LX in DUB Magazine?
  75. AAC phone number?
  76. broken... cant fix...
  77. Items received, and installed. Perfect!
  78. Will you still honor my prize
  79. Congrats CoolVanilla you are in our DUB ad for SEMA!
  80. Order News
  81. New pics of dgreekman's Charger SRT-8
  82. AAC Halo Installation DIY Video!
  83. BLUE Magnum Halos from AAC... you asked for them so here they are!
  84. FYI: All AAC Employees will be at SEMA from now until Nov 3rd.
  85. AAC Video DIY Installation Guide: ORALCE Halo Kits!
  86. Question about my HID's.
  87. DUB Magazine Feature: ORALCE HID Kits from AAC!
  88. angel eyes fog lights
  89. AAC has a NEW website!
  90. AAC newest employee...
  91. ToRed housings and halos.
  92. Thanks AAC: Win a Halo Kit
  93. Blue CHarger Halos plus 6k HID's
  94. Fog Halo Colors
  95. HIN Miami 12/15/07: We need LX's for our booth!
  96. 300 Base/Touring BLUE Halo Kits from AAC! (pics inside)
  97. AAC Holiday SALE! 20% off all Dodge/ Chrysler Products!
  98. Tried to install my AAC HID KIT but my capacitor caught on fire! what did I do wrong?
  99. Demon's Broken-sitting in driveway! Grrrrrrr
  100. Blue Fog Halos
  101. Video: AACs new inverters put to the test!
  102. Halo's, HID's and Foglight Halo's
  103. How much for Charger Halo/Demon Eye Head/Tail Lights
  104. How do I set my Halos to stay on all day for car shows?
  105. HID Conversion Kit Question
  106. Pretty impressive
  107. Just received my HALO's!
  108. Need New Headlights!
  109. 300C Kelvin Temp Comparison: 4300K vs 6000K vs 8000K vs 10000K
  110. Hey AAC...
  111. FS: Complete Magnum Headlights w/ HALOS and LED Concept Strips and Custom Painted CV!
  112. Credit Due where credit earned..
  113. Tail Light halo's installed.
  114. GROUP BUY: Magnum Halos! up to 60% OFF
  115. Price Quote Needed.....
  116. Halos Installed! Thanks Justin.
  117. New Halos arrived!
  118. GROUP BUY: Chrysler 300C Halos! 60% OFF!
  119. Need Some info
  120. My Halo Installation Experience/Magnum
  121. halo wire
  122. Stock vs Painted
  123. Open Casting Call!
  124. Halo Wiring Help
  125. HID Help
  126. Magnum Long LED Strip Questions
  127. Started Fog / Halo Install........
  128. What color to paint my Headlight Housings?
  129. Is there an interest for a Carbon Fiber Engine Cover Plate?
  130. Halo Test
  131. Referrals: Get FREE stuff from AAC!
  132. Small Halo issue
  133. Halos / Power Draw???
  134. Help!!!!!!!!
  135. WTB: 10 000 K Large Magnum Halo
  136. help wiring LED Strip
  137. 100% PNP 50w ORACLE-XE Xenon Conversion Kits
  138. Charger Halo Journal
  139. charger halo install...need some help (i think i messed this up)
  140. 8000k halos = blue
  141. ORACLE Interior LED Lighting Kits
  142. LED "Concept" Strips for Dodge Charger!
  143. Dodge RAM Halos!
  144. Attn Superbees! Yellow Halos for Dodge Charger!
  145. Started My Halo Install Today / Finally
  146. Oracle HID Wiring Question
  147. GROUP BUY: Dodge Charger ORACLE Halos! 60% OFF!
  148. Attn Sublime Chargers! GREEN Halos from AAC> PICS
  149. Another Headlight Problem ???
  150. Anyone have 10000K AAC HIDs?
  151. 2 Rings or 3????
  152. u helped me now ill help you
  153. halos
  154. aac green mag halos??
  155. HID fogs?
  156. EVIL Magnum!
  157. hid lights???
  158. broken halo
  159. AAC gave the HULK a new look!
  160. 3157 LED Comarison (LX Front Turn Signal)
  161. Great customer service. Thanks
  162. For you guys coming down for the commercial, here is a preview of your photoshoot!
  163. Fog HIDs
  164. HID's don't flicker/fuse is smoking
  165. do your new halos get attention....?
  166. Ok here's a puzzler
  167. question on the reverse strips & different color tail light halos
  168. 08 headlight?
  169. nee replacement rings
  170. AAC Justin where'd ya go?
  171. Mod 1 of Phase 2 Completed!!! Thanxs AAC & Mecha
  172. A video for Justin and Tiffanie
  173. Tail halos finished.
  174. two tone halos!!!!!
  175. Acura TL Retrofit (Not a LX but cool mod)
  176. Inverter Question
  177. In line Flicker Free Capacitors (Plug and Play)
  178. NEW Jeep SRT-8 Headlights with 8000K ORACLE Halos Installed!
  179. Magnum COMPLETE LED Package: Dome Lights, Map Lights, Reverse, License Plate, Vanity
  180. GROUP BUY: ORACLE Xenon Conversion Kits! (7 Forum Wide GB!)
  181. Retrofit for charger
  182. door lights
  183. Charger COMPLETE LED Package: Dome Lights, Map Lights, Reverse, License Plate, Vanity
  184. NEW OEM Dodge Magnum Headlights w/ 10000K ORACLE Halos Pre-Installed! $619 (20% OFF)
  185. Short Wire?
  186. Help wiring all halos to 1 switch
  187. Anyone in S. Florida NOT installed their halos yet?
  188. Invertor Help?!
  189. 300c complete LED setup....
  190. Dodge Magnum SRT8 Black Headlights with LED Strips and 10000K ORACLE Halos Installed!
  191. LEDs will not turn OFF!
  192. e Green Love (another Mecha Picture Thread)
  193. new halos
  194. Anyone in Cincinnati ?
  195. Help with inverters.
  196. How to add safety to your inverters for under $10
  197. Need to order rings
  198. Look for AAC in "PAS" Performance Auto & Sound Magazine Sept Issue! Featuring....
  199. New www.AACstyle.com DODGE Products Page
  200. Flicker fix for HIDs... PLEASE HELP!!!
  201. NEW! ORACLE Super Slim Digital Xenon Ballasts!
  202. R8 Inspired SMT LED Halos for 300C by AAC/ORACLE> Pics
  203. halo's with painted housing?????
  204. Thanks Justin/Tiffanie/ and AAC Crew
  205. Gustav
  206. Plum Crazy SRT UV Halos Done!!
  207. Halo'd my 300CSRT
  208. How do you know the temp rating of HID?
  209. Anyone have the Oracle HIDs in 12000K??
  210. Is There Any Deals
  211. Magnum Light Kit
  212. MattyBigtime Came to Texas......
  213. Where Are My Replacement Leds?
  214. Green Interior LEDs
  215. Super Bee / ORACLE Wallpaper
  216. Repaired a 300C Friday
  217. 2006 Ram Truck Halos Installed
  218. wanna say thanks
  219. ORACLE Commercial Rough Cut> Video Inside
  220. Green LED Interior Lights
  221. charger triple halo install
  222. Interior LED Comparison: 3 Chip LED VS 1 Chip LED Intensity> PICS!
  223. Want SEXY Fog Lights but dont want to pay for HIDs?... check this out :)
  224. ORACLE Xenon Flashlight> The ultimate flashlight!
  225. AAC / ORACLE BRAND GREEN Interior Lights
  226. CCFL Grill Illumintion Tubes from AAC
  227. Attn Atlanta Area Members: Just added an AAC Installer in Fayetteville! AutoRage
  228. Aac / Oracle Brand Green Cold Cathodes Installed
  229. Color Temp Question
  230. Congrats to Freebird (Mark) for being the AACstyle "Featured Customer Ride" for Oct!
  231. LED Interior Light Kits: All Colors Ready to Ship!
  232. Another AAC Certified Installer in SoCal (San Diego)
  233. Latest inverters from AAC
  234. Where can I send my headlights???
  235. Holiday specials????
  236. Need help from Advanced Automotive Concepts
  237. DFW member Nighthawk for Halos
  238. Guess what we finally got our hands on...
  239. for your Halo porn fix.....
  240. NEW! GREEN Magnum Halos... only $149 SHIPPED for a Limited Time :)
  241. Blue magnum Halos... BROKEN...doh
  242. First invereter failure
  243. AAC Holiday SALE! 20% off all Dodge/Chrysler Products!
  244. 2008 Dodge Magnum Halos> Pics
  245. Just in time for the Holidays- Give an AAC Gift Card!
  246. 2009 ORACLE Lighting Catalog- HALO/HID/LED
  247. Post pics of your foglight Halos!
  248. 55w hids
  249. Magnum owners a Question for you only!!!
  250. New Square Halos install in my Ex