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  1. Please welcome SOUTHERN HOTROD - out latest supporting vendor
  2. Superchips FLASHPAQ special!!!
  3. Any interest in a Aero-Turbine special buy?
  4. Trueflow air filters on sale!
  5. KOOKS Headers?
  6. Intake and Exhaust combo deal?
  7. Corsa sale!
  8. Limited Slip Differentials!!!
  9. K&N Aircharger sale?
  10. B&B Exhaust SRT-8 Group buy!
  11. B&B Exhaust SRT-8 Group buy!
  12. ZEX Nitrous kits!
  13. Bassani Xhaust Aft-Cat "Group Buy"?
  14. LXforum Superchips special!
  15. Who wants American Racing wheels?
  16. Can you get Hotchkis Swaybars for MSRT8?
  17. Why did you delete my thread?
  18. 392/426 ci Rotating Assemblies!
  19. We are back! Lots of new stuff coming!
  20. Look what came in today! Let the Nitrous FLOW!
  21. SHR CNC Ported cylinder heads for 6.1L HEMI!
  22. Nitrous refill!
  23. Time to eat!
  24. Nano Nano Southern Hotrod :)
  25. M&H Racemaster Tires now available at SHR!
  26. N2O install almost done!
  27. Bogart Race Wheels and M&H Drag Radials are here!
  28. SHR Charger SRT-8 goes 11.53 @ 121.78!
  29. NAG1 Upgrades comming soon!
  30. 11.53 video!
  31. DAMN IT! The SHR Charger will NOT be going to the LX&B.
  32. SHR 360 Degree Nitrous Plate!
  33. Check out the NEW SHR N2O Plate!
  34. Woo Hoo! Look at this!
  35. Tested the SHR nitrous plate
  37. SHR Phone Trouble
  38. SHR NAG1 Shop pics!
  39. NAG1 Upgrade Pre-Order list!
  40. Couple of cool burnouts at the new shop!
  41. Anyone interested in a Dyno day in the New Orleans area?
  42. Southern HotRod!!
  43. *spillover* Rear-End thread (from NAG1 thread)
  44. KOOKS NEW Product announcement!!!
  45. Bullet/Harrop Superchargers!
  46. DMH Cutouts are FUN as hell!!!
  47. Nitrous setup for sale.
  48. Look what showed up today!
  49. Bullet/Harrop Superchargers now available @ SHR!
  50. NEW Valve spring solution @ SHR!!!
  51. F22's across the street! Check it out!
  52. Hurricane Gustav
  53. SOUTHERN HOTROD temporary contact info...
  54. Great Vendor!!!
  55. SOUTHERN HOTROD 419 Stroker idle video!
  56. SOUTHERN HOTROD 419 Stroker Part 2!
  57. thank you Southern Hot Rod for saving my build
  58. In Car Track Vid of SHR Eddie @ Hennessey
  59. A Drag Pak manifold showed up at the shop today!
  60. Torque converters?
  61. KOOKS Late-Model HEMI Shootout!
  62. SHR Shop hours during 2008 PRI SHOW
  64. SOUTHERN HOTROD now carries DJ Safety Equipment!
  65. Hey Ed... how 'bout this intake?
  66. Transmission blankets!
  67. SHR Supercharger build!!!! Now this is a supercharger!
  68. SOUTHERN HOTROD NAG1-HTC Transmissions!
  69. System 1 oil filters now available at SHR!
  70. SHR NAG1-HTC Race kit intrest level?
  71. Should you upgrade your TCM with SHR trans install?
  72. NAG1 Kevlar?
  73. Lost tunes
  74. SHR NAG1 Valve body parts!
  75. Southern Hotrod NAG1-SIP "Shift Improvement Package" ORDER HERE!
  76. eddi need your opinion on this
  77. Redfox's Transmission upgraded to the SHR NAG1-HTCr!
  78. Southern Hot Rod Custom NAG-1 Transmission Blanket Install How to
  79. SOUTHERN HOTROD will be closed for Mardi Gras
  80. Worlds first 6-71 Supercharged 300C SRT-8!
  81. Review of SHR NAG1
  82. TechCo Twin Screw supercharger installed!
  83. Worlds first 6-71 supercharged SRT-8! On the road baby!!!!!
  84. Look at what's next at SHR!
  85. SHR Hilborn Injected SRT-8 Charger Update!
  86. Someone say Whipple?
  87. We Are Now A Authorized TechCo Dealer!!!
  88. Hood is cut! Check out the Hilborn look!
  89. Southern Hotrod Krewe!
  90. Magnum SRT-8 + TECHCO = Woo Hoo!
  91. 1 week left for TECHCO FREE installs!
  92. Buckwheat's 900HP TECHCO monster in a box!
  93. FORE Precision Fuel hat!!!!!!
  94. AWD trans case, tranny, axle help?
  95. What ever happened to that BDS 671 car?
  96. Future Project At SHR!!
  97. Video of Worlds first Techco "Quiet Drive" Supercharger in action!!
  98. Cult Energy Challenger Lives!!!!!
  99. Pedders Suspension available @ SHR!
  100. Techco Blower
  101. SHR is getting a Dyno!
  102. DiabloSport Trinity NEW PRICE $599
  103. The DYNO is HERE!
  104. SHR Transmissions! NEW Price!
  105. ProTorque Billet Stator converters!
  106. SHR Oil catch cans in production!
  107. Thanks for the help in getting these
  108. Get on your bike and ride!
  109. Eddie get back over here!!
  110. To all Veterans!
  111. CULT Energy!!! Smokin baby!!!
  112. First Impression of Southern Hotrod
  113. Dammit. Why SHR, why?
  114. Eddie & SHR
  115. Pri...
  116. Transmission weekend!
  117. CMG-1 Camshaft dyno numbers
  118. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!
  119. Brisk spark plugs in stock!
  120. SHR SRT Performance package 1
  121. SHR CMG1 Camshaft package!
  122. 8-71 Blower tuner kits!
  123. Personal Experience of Southern Hotrod
  124. Who wants 4 step colder spark plugs?
  125. Transmissions, transmissions, transmissions!
  126. Fat Bottom Girl still loving her SHR NAG1-HTCr
  127. We will be closed Thurs 1-21-10
  128. Kenne Bell SC
  129. Brisk Silver Race Plug news...
  130. Saints WIN the Super Bowl!!!
  131. 2010 transmission incentive, ends March 31st 2010!
  132. The JEEP lives again!
  133. KOOKS Headers exhaust deals!
  134. CAM vs. NOS
  135. SHR Transmission
  136. Cmg-1
  137. Quaife differentials for $950!!!!
  138. SHR Transmission - I should've done this a long time ago!!!
  139. Project "HILBORN Charger" is back!
  140. Fuel injectors? Who needs them?
  141. Thanks SHR!!
  142. Interest level in a Transmission cooler package?
  143. SHR NAG1-HTCr Transmission warranty news!
  144. Competition Race fuels now available at SHR!
  145. Anyone need a stock NAG1 Transmission pan?
  146. Shr cmg-1 dyno
  147. SWAMPFIRE performance packages by SHR! Coming Soon!
  148. Our new ad for FUEL magazine!
  149. shift solenoids
  150. ProCharger superchargers now available at SHR!
  151. Brisk spark plugs! FREE shipping!
  152. Dyno day in New Orleans!
  153. SHR garage sale!
  154. Old school project at SHR! 1970 Charger R/T 440 6 Pack!
  155. I guess I'm getting a SHR tranny for Father's Day
  156. Drag Pack Challenger @ SHR!!!
  157. Drag Pack Challenger Vids & Pics!!
  158. Update: Cult Challenger Vids & Pics!!!
  159. Couldn't make Ohio so what did I do?
  160. Back by popular demand… SHR transmission incentive! ENDS 15AUG10
  161. Props for SHR
  162. SOUTHERN HOTROD is moving!
  163. Stopped by our new neighbors...
  164. any sales coming up on trannies?
  165. Chalmette,La car show
  166. Thanks Eddie!
  167. will you guys grind?
  168. Looking for a 12.99 sec bolt on only package
  169. track day 10-20-10
  170. Dyno Comparison: 5.0 Mustang vs SRT8 Challenger
  171. FS: Corsa Cat Back $700 Plus Shipping
  172. Thanks SHR for Quick Ship Tranny
  173. I have too....
  174. 426 F1 Procharged Challenger Dyno Pull & Burnout
  175. ProCharger deals through DEC 17th!
  176. Thanks Eddie!!!
  177. Edelbrock E-Force Superchargers coming to SHR!
  178. Weld Racing wheels! 20x4.5 & 20x5.5
  179. Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust with FREE SHIPPING!!
  180. KOOKS Exhaust Headers With FREE SHIPPING!
  181. Black Friday Transmission deal!
  182. Thanks again..
  183. A/C vent gauge pod for 08 and up Challenger and Charger!
  184. **Vredestein Tires Now available at SHR**
  185. **Southern Hotrod (SHR) Hoodies and Beanie hats now available**
  186. CMG-1 cam, dyno charts
  187. Merry Christmas from the SHR Krewe!
  188. SHR NAG1-HTCr "Re-Fresh" service
  189. Follow SHR on Facebook & Youtube!
  190. track day 1-15-11
  191. dsm gulf shores meet 1-29-11
  192. New things happening at SHR!
  193. Whipple Hemi 2.9L system coming soon!
  194. Sunday 2/13 State Capitol Raceway Test & Tune
  195. **Nitto NT05 315/35/20**
  196. **Southern Hotrod Orlando HEMI shoot out Award**
  197. SHR will be closed for Mardi Gras...
  198. ***315/35/20 nitto nt05r***
  199. *2011 Dodge Challenger/Charger/300c CORSA Exhaust Now Available*
  200. thank you!
  201. SHR trans review
  202. Torco Race Fuels now available at SHR!
  203. **Eibach Now Available at SHR**
  204. Thanks guys!
  205. *Jeep SRT8 Wave Trac Units*
  206. *Eibach Lowering Spring Special*
  207. **Jeep Transmission Cores Now Here**
  208. **ProCharger Deals through June 15, 2011**
  209. **Scrapin the Coast Car Show-June 24,25,26**
  210. **Drive Shaft Shop Now Available at SHR**
  211. *Special on SHR NAG-1 Transmissions*
  212. *Southern Hotrod sponsoring UFC*
  213. **Vossen Wheels Now Available at SHR**
  214. **My 2009 Challenger R/T PICS!**
  215. **Look what showed up this morning!!-Chally Drag Pak**
  216. **DJ Safety Transmission Blankets $345.00 Shipped**
  217. **NEW** SHR NAG1 transmission - code name "Viking"
  218. The NEW SHR magazine ad!
  219. website issues
  220. hooters in houma la
  221. A short SHR "Viking" video :-)
  222. Now Shipping... Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Systems!
  223. **>>>SHR DYNO DAY September 10th<<<**
  224. Help us save some BOOBIES!
  225. Battery for SRT-8
  226. **SouthernHotrod.com NOW UP!**
  227. **In Stock a Ready to Ship 315/35/20**
  228. SHR Dana 60 rear end for LX/LC coming soon!!!!
  229. just purchased a viking
  230. Superchargers, superchargers, who needs them?
  231. Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!!
  232. **Shell URT Advanced (110UL) Race Fuel Now Available at SHR**
  233. **Starting to get some EXPOSURE**
  234. **Diablosport Intune--Free Overnight Shipping**
  235. **Bonus** ATI Flexplate w/Viking Transmisson Orders
  236. **Another World's First, Only at SHR!!**
  237. SHR Powerglide? Any intrest?
  238. The SHR Krewe!
  239. SHR VIKING Transmissions for the Wounded Warrior Project!
  240. **K40 Radar Dectector and Laser Protection Systems Now Available At Southern Hotrod**
  241. Startup tunes for SHR cams
  242. ***NEW PRODUCT*** SHR OEM+ NAG1 transmissions!
  243. Congrats on magazine write up!
  244. Hey cliff needa quote
  245. My experiance with the world class SHR KREWE!!!
  246. **SALE on all ProCharger Supercharger Systems**
  247. Transmission
  248. 4L Whipple!
  249. *Southern Hotrod long sleeve t-shirts in stock and ready to ship!*
  250. *Southern Hotrod flexfit hats in stock and ready to ship!*