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  2. I hope the Canada Region thread doesn't just die.
  3. $1.00 us= .99cdn!
  4. Diablo shiiping to Canada
  5. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving
  6. Where do Canadians buy high octane gas?
  7. Need help to get mechanix kids crew gloves
  8. So the snow is here :(
  9. Cross-border tire shopping -- All charges-in
  10. Vote for you Favorite Canadian for LXOM!
  11. $10 coupon for GE Nighthawk Headlights
  12. grampa's smokin'
  13. Where can i get Motorad Tstat?
  14. Electronics Wholesaler ltd
  15. CTV mini series "Would be Kings"
  16. Looking for AE disk with hack!!
  17. Stuck in the snow.
  18. Insurance for Auto Mobile & Home
  19. Meet & Greet In The GTA!
  20. AWD Badge Needed
  21. FS - 20" charger srt8 wheels
  22. Thank you Canada for Rex Murphy!
  23. FS: 22" Chrome wheels
  24. CAW / Chrysler worked out...
  25. forces.ca Magnum
  26. I nominated Go Mango for LXOM
  27. FS 05 magnum sxt need to sell
  28. Grinch & WestcoastSRT8 win at XXX Root Beer Mopar Show !!
  29. Special Thank You
  30. July LOXM!! Rab needs your votes!!!
  31. 20" Vagare Wheels
  32. Time to Vote for Go Mango LXOM
  33. WTB..Right side Magnum Fog Light housing
  34. Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. My Challenger has Arrived!!!
  36. WTB dual exhaust system from any lx in vancouver area
  37. OK, lets make it happen!!! GoMango for August LXOM!!!
  38. Canadian Corner Store??
  39. OK, shall we try this again............
  40. Canadian Corner Store... is up and running
  41. F/S 4 American Racing Chrome Rims 235 60R18 Winter Tires
  42. Looking for a KPH speedo
  43. Canadian Mopar parts stores?
  44. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Eh!
  45. Do Not Call List Canada is Live..
  46. Undercoating...
  48. A Salute to a Brave and Modest Nation
  49. WTB elect.power fold side wing mirrors & control switch
  50. RG 300C where are yoouuuuu??
  51. Dec LXOM Voting is up..
  52. This new friends thingy!!!
  53. Who has electric wing door mirrors
  54. Cheap mod alert
  55. Warning : SL "R" motorsports = fraud
  56. Canada vs Sweden
  57. Good deal at Costco
  58. BMC... Cat-back test
  59. If you don't know, now you do!! Vote Fargo59 for LXOM!!
  60. Canadians at Carslile!
  61. Fargo59 for March LXOM!!!
  62. The pendulum needs to start swinging the other way...
  63. Passports mandatory June 1, 2009
  64. Passports mandatory June 1, 2009
  65. SRT8 brake pads in Canada?
  66. Forum name change LXlinemonkey-NOW- Hemi Chef!
  67. What was the drivetrain warranty on the early 2006 Magnums?
  68. Any strokers in Ontario?
  69. F1 on speed Blacked out in Canada.
  70. Do we have local tuners?
  71. New canadian HERCULES?
  72. BRANDER Gas Grill - Anyone have one?
  73. R-Value Intakes Pictures
  74. Wtf?!
  75. Rad Cap Upgrade
  76. A&W Challenger Contest
  77. Canada spared in the clean up
  78. i think we should alll sign this
  79. Winnipeg, Manitoba Sunday Cruise Shots
  80. Montreal Mopar Madness (one week away)
  81. Mopar CAI
  82. Device helps you dodge tickets - legally
  83. anyone looking for a wiper delete plug
  84. Happy Canada Day!
  85. whos magnum w/ontario plates
  86. Canadian Passports.
  87. "Support Our Troops" yellow ribbon stickers - free just for asking for one!!
  88. Western canada meet and greet
  89. Can someone please help me find this guy!!
  90. Givin you all the bird!
  91. Anyone interested in a GB?
  92. A Different View of the Highway of Hereos.
  93. Stock Rear Shocks
  94. Petition against the new HST bill
  95. Gray Cup LOL What a joke!
  96. Dearest Canadians
  97. Going to see Matthew Good on Friday
  98. Greetings Canadians from Sweden.
  99. Center Stack Manufacturer?
  100. Magnum moldings removed today
  101. good deal at futureshop
  102. New vendor from Canada
  103. Exhaust Systems
  104. Canadian Tire
  105. Ok answer this question please from an American...
  106. Canadians trade-in offers for their 300s?
  107. Suitcase delete legal in Canada?
  108. Win a Challeger SXT
  109. Good hood
  110. Biggest burger ever made
  111. Upgrading my Exhaust
  112. tuner shops near Sudbury Ontario
  113. Lethbridge Mopar Meet
  114. cheap 94 in burlington on hwy 6
  115. "Challengers at the Cove"
  116. New 2010 Vette for under CDN$52K
  117. Traveling through
  118. Just question!!
  119. Wondering if I should buy?
  120. Srt8
  121. Happy Thanksgiving.
  122. NHL Poolies
  123. Knotts what I like!!!
  124. Winter driving: Go back to stock or stay tuned
  125. Place in the GTA to fix seats???
  126. Hey Canadians!!!
  127. Need help from my neighbor to the North (Toyota question)
  128. Selling my car already :(
  129. Charger sxt block heater???
  130. Canadian eBay Sellers
  131. Need Help - REC Nav repair in Ontario
  132. An idea to try and lower gas prices!!
  133. Discount coupon for car parts
  134. Tim Horton's Camp Day
  135. $100 gift certificate
  136. Canada Day Weekend Vid
  137. HEMI need a plug change?
  138. Jack Layton, Canada's oppostion leader passes away this morning...
  139. coupon for $8 off Mobil 1 synthetic
  140. Question
  141. Interesting article about Canada in a British paper
  142. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  143. DashBoss Special for Canadians
  144. carbon fiber vinyl
  145. Chrysler Canada takes #1 Spot!
  146. Looking for help on Parking Sensors & Rear camera
  147. Atlantic nationals, moncton
  148. Québec
  149. Looking for advice on potential move to Montreal
  150. My All 'Canadian' Catch Can
  151. The Canadian tax poem....they will tax this thread if they could
  152. Coming form States to GTALX Meet & Greet looking for a convoy
  153. Johan does it.... amazing !!
  154. Official name for my 300C colour
  155. Custom's Agent
  156. Best place to buy Extended Warranties/Service Contracts in Canada
  157. Anyone know this car?
  158. Another WTF are they thinking - car for sale ad
  159. Lowering
  160. window deflectors
  161. ETB Something For The Magnum
  162. WTB: Predator Tuner 5.7L + Extra
  163. WTB 08 MAGNUM R/T W/road and track
  164. carbon fiber in vancouver
  165. Fab or Fugly? I lean heavily to the latter...
  166. Davenport Motorsports (Calgary, AB) is now an official vendor here at LX Forums!
  167. New Hood possibly CF.
  168. NAME CHANGE for Wookinpahnub - now BryGuy
  169. Canadians driving in Florida now need a special permit!!!
  170. FS: Best detector made Beltronics STiR Plus
  171. That'll buff right out!
  172. Canadian icon Stompin' Tom Dies at 77
  173. That'll buff right out! part deux.
  174. 2013 Vancouver International Auto Show Mar 26-31
  175. TruFiber hoods Group Buy!! C'mon Canadians jump on this!
  176. Well... It's finally time.... Time to sell the Super Bee...
  177. Don't Discuss
  178. Tuning Day Event
  179. I met the former prime minister Jean Chretien the other night.
  180. A couple of interesting cars seen in passing.
  181. Father's day gift to myself...
  182. Vossen is heading to IMPORTFEST - Vancouver, Canada June 8th, 2013
  183. Why I'm always polite to LEO’s…
  184. Some critics are beary hard on the Mazda3...
  185. Vossen World Tour - Importfest - Toronto, Canada July 27, 2013
  186. My highway mileage report for my recent trip from Ontario to Nova Scotia
  187. Volkswagen Free Track Day
  188. Couple of cars seen in London
  189. Brokerage Fees?
  190. my SOT edition 300
  191. 08 MSRT8 Bumper
  192. Remembrance Day
  193. I love it! An OPP spokesman tells it like it is.
  194. First snowstorm of the year in London
  195. Not impressed with dealer
  196. been long time since been on here
  197. Dealer Hellcat Rumour
  198. Anti Spam Law and LX Forums
  199. hurst shifter info
  200. Happy 147th Canada!!
  201. Volkswagen Passat commercial
  202. A Sad Day for Canada - A Day for Us to Unite!
  203. Spying in Canada
  204. Hey. I heard this is a good car forum or something like that.
  205. Anyone have a time machine ??
  206. Happy Birthday to Blue!
  207. Happy Canada Day!
  208. Help Needed for A Contact in a particular industry and product
  209. Get out and vote Canada!
  210. Lest we forget
  211. Canadian Car Theft
  212. Where can I buy a Mopar or Danko front lip in GTA?
  213. Looking for 2006 Magnum parts catalog in canada
  214. Found her!........but
  215. Today is Vimy Ridge Day in Canada
  216. Canadian recalls on some Dodge Ram and Charger Police vehicles (alternator)
  217. Wanted LX/LC Car or Hemi Engine
  218. BIG BT SALE - get your bling now!!
  219. Trying to get cradle bushings replaced in Toronto. Why so hard???
  220. Atlantic Nationals
  221. Wishing all Canadian members a happy Thanksgiving!
  222. Happy Thanksgiving!
  223. Billet Technology People's sale!