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    600whp-800whp builds?


    Looking for ideas for 600-800whp setups? I have a 2010 Chrysler 300S with the 5.7 Hemi, but looking on some routes for more power. Hoping someone can post their setup they have, how they like it, etc.

    I haven’t set down a certain path, other than I’d be looking for something with more power that I can drive to work every day if I wanted. Turbo, supercharger, N/A, anything 600-800whp and how to get there


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    Quote Originally Posted by DBL.DWN View Post
    Wanted to try my luck in a more 5.7 based spot lol

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    600whp-800whp builds?

    Stock 5.7 kenne bell 3.6, 1050 injectors and E85 600 rwhp.

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    The 392(4.08X3.75) in my 05 Plum Crazy GTxtreme
    [email protected],[email protected], ,
    Block Prep
    6.1 Block with 2 inches of Block filler, (Lithium Silicate/alum) Block was decked to 9.235.

    Pro-Gram Main caps(now Billet SpeedWorks)
    Cam Tunnel was sealed off with .030 aluminum, each "plate" has a1/8th hole drilled next to the cam bearing. Piston oilers eliminated.
    at the back of the block, above bellhousing the water jacket has 8AN line added at the top of the water jacket, this allow water to be drawn from the back of the block and helps with circulation.

    Oiling system uses a Barnes 5 stage pump(9025-6rp), scavenge is set up 3 lines off the pan 1 line off of modified MDS plugs
    Crankshaft is stock 6.4 with the nose trimmed to work in the 6.1 block, Knife edge, and coated with a ceramic/Teflon coating the helps shed oil from the throws. rod journals resized to 1.88 and offset ground from 3.72 to 3.75
    Pistons are J&E 1.065 Pin Height, + 9CC dome. ceramic coated, each piston was fitted to it's corresponding combustion chamber.
    Pankl connecting rods,6.30 Center to center, .866 pin dia.
    .051 Cometic MLS gasket
    Assembled piston Deck height is+.05 , piston to head clearance is only .046. with the Apache heads milled to yield 72CC ,static compression is 13.7.
    Heads are Apache , with 2.18X6mm titanium intake ,1.65X7 mm titanium nail head design., heads flow 385 @.650 , they flowed 370cfm with the 8mm stem.
    Valve springs are PSI 1513 Dual springs titanium retainers with lash caps,Rockers were the PRW. Now T&D , lifters are Jesel .905 dog bone with Jesel's lifter yoke.smith brothers adjustable with the PRW rockers , now None adjustable.
    Camshaft ..710/695 ,276/[email protected], 108 Centerline installed at 104.Valve lash is set at .003 hot.
    Engine was broke in using the XV single plane intake and a 950CFM Holley and MSD Hemi-6 ,22 degrees of timing and C12 made [email protected],
    same engine with a Ritter intake made 788hp....haven't tried a drag pack yet.
    All fasteners are ARP
    best run was [email protected] weighing in at 4400lbs(with me)

    built this in June for a
    389Ci 4.08X3.72 , [email protected],[email protected]
    6.1 block, no filler ,cam tunnel sealed, oilers eliminated. stock caps. decked to 9.235,
    Stock 6.4 Crank with Nose modified , Rods were Eagle 6.30.
    6.1 oil pump.Hellcat lifters shimmed solid, Lash set at .004 hot
    J&E pistons no coatings, dished 8 cc's and .927 wrist pin 1.065 Pin Height
    Static Compression 10.7,
    Eagle Heads, 2.08X7mm Intake valve and 1.625X8mm Exhaust valve. Heads flow 340 CFM @.650
    Cam .619/.622 , 264/[email protected] 108 Centerline installed @104.
    Edelbrock G3 intake manifold. and MS3 Gold ignition system. 90MM TB , this one loved timing, as much as 29 degrees on the dyno but made it's best power in car at 24 degrees , FIC 72lbs lbs injectors.

    My friend Ray's 408 Ci 5.7 (Ray408G3hemi)

    2004 5.7 block, decked to 9.245, MMX billet main caps,
    Molnar 4.0 crankshaft, 2.10 journal ,Molnar 6.125 Rods
    Pistons are Icon, 613-030 they ae a ford 347 windsor application, these are true flat top pistons , so they need to have valve reliefs cut into them.
    Pistons sit .030 down , with a .027 Cometic gasket compression is 11.80 static,
    Heads are Frankenstein BGE, 2.18X8mm,1.65X8mm stainless, tool steel retainers ,stock rockers ,lash caps
    Cam is a Hughes grind ser5054, .622/.627 250/[email protected] LSA is 110 installed @ 107.....we installed it @108 , Isky lifters SRT 6.1 intake 87mm Tb and 80lbs injectors.
    His 2010 Challenger weighs in at 3800 with him in it, went best of 10.30 , average run is 10.60s Wallace calc says his 10.30 run is 687hp so I'm inclined to think it's abut 720hp fly wheel.

    The 349 in for my 75 Ramcharger ([email protected]) with Prefix Cascar intake manifold and Holley 850 MSD-hemi 6
    3.937X3.59 .020 over 03 Hemi Block, block paralleled milled to 9.25 ,Lined bored and MMX main Caps
    3.59 stroke Molnar Crankshaft , Molnar 6.242 Rods and Manley pistons 1.22 pin height, total assembly height is +.007 running will be .010/.012 static Compression with a .060 head gasket is 10.5.
    Cam shaft is Hughes SER 5054MHLN-10 .622/.627 250/254 @50 LSA is 110 IC is 107
    Edelbrock 67 CC heads (yes the bores were notched on the Exhast side

    I have to run but there's a few more I'll post later.

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    10.55 @ 130 , Not bad for NA392 ,4400lbs truck

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