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    Br9 pursuit brake upgrade 2015 Chrysler 300s

    Ok I’ve done some research and want to make sure I have the facts strait. I have a 2015 Chrysler 300 s v6 RWD. I would like to upgrade to the Br9 brakes. So the front I need calipers, pads, brake lines, rotors, and dust shield correct?Its my understanding that I can just drill out my front caliper brackets does this sound correct. The rear I understand is just rotors and brake pads? If anyone has aftermarket part numbers for calipers and other parts that would be great also.

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    You only have to drill out 11-14 knuckles. 15+ is direct fit. I upgraded mine (both front and rear) on my 19 300S v8 rwd, but the knuckles are the same on v6 and v8. I do have a set of front calipers that I will be selling soon if you are interested in them.

    Are you upgrading just the front or both front and rear?

    Here's a few pics of mine. I am using the Powerstop Z37 "Top Cop" brake pads. They take a little bit to warm up, but once they are at operating temp they grip like crazy. If you want the cold bite you need to look at semi-metallic pads.
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    You might find this thread useful..

    BR9 Police Brake Upgrade | Charger Forums

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    The BR9 rears include calipers also. Not just rotors & pads. My 2013 R/T did not require any drilling. I had the BR5's.

    You will love it. At first you will wonder, bed them in, drive normally and for the next 2-300 miles they will just keep getting better.

    The Z37 Top Cop pads are great but have a little less bite cold but it doesn't take much heat to get them there with little to hard to see dust.

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    OP, you're correct on the front components. I thought it was pre-'11 that had to have the front knuckle drilled out, but if yours is a 12mm hole then it just needs to become 14mm.

    For the rear, use your stock brakelines and:
    - BR8 is the 13.8" rotors using taller brackets but keeping stock calipers and pads.
    - BR9 is the 13.8" rotors using taller brackets, new calipers and larger pads (style #1766).

    KrautMaster's info in that long ChargerForums thread is super informative. If you check out the Napa rear calipers, branded Eclipse, they're remanufactured ones painted black but also include the bracket, boots and pins. Just add rotors and pads to be set.
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