Hey all, just joined the forum (found via Facebook).
2 months ago to the day I bought a used (but perfect condition/bad spanking new looking) 2016 300 S, with only about 34,000 miles on it. I was in love with this thing!
Fast forward to labor day (9/3) and I go to start my car and it is acting super crazy. It won't start, when it does it's not running right at all, electric issues out the wazoo, etc. It's only got 35,000 miles on it at this time. It's still under factory warranty, of course, so I have it towed into the local Chrysler dealer.
Turns out the PCM went bad, according to the technicians. They have to order the part so it wouldn't be there until this week. I checked on it yesterday and they said they got the working PCM installed but then there were other modules not communicating correctly with the new PCM. So, I'm still sitting here waiting on my car.
Curious, anyone else have these crazy issues before? It's definitely putting a bad taste in my mouth about this car that I, not long ago, thought was my dream ride lol.
Frustrated! Still love the way it looks and when it works it's beautiful and mean machine but right now I'm skeptical that it'll ever be right again!