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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimagic5 View Post
    If you're in the middle east, that counts as a harsh climate and I think the service manual (at least for my year) recommended every 30k miles (65-70k km?)
    Hi Ultimagic5
    I do appreciate your input, and yes sir Saudi Arabia has one of the harshest climates in the entire Middle East.
    The service manual (at least for my 2013 300 Touring) talks strictly about two things:
    A. 5 speed transmissions.
    B. Emergency fluid change, towing, harsh climates etc etc.
    The manual nowhere talks about ZF 8 speed transmissions.
    Furthermore, not too long time ago, I did try to get the final word on this forum,

    300 The Final Word: ZF8 Speed (

    Notice, the split among all of us on this issue; there was no final word!
    some had argued, no such thing as life-time, others argued for 50-70K fluid changes.

    To elaborate, I sincerely believe it is a matter of a personal convection, if you wish.
    The reason for this unfortunate across the board dispute among members,
    I believe, is the lack of a truly sincere objective
    technical references or guidelines coming out of the mouths of experts and engineers at both ZF and/or dealership.
    Add to it, the very definition, the very meaning of the words (life-time) is still in dispute, all over the internet.
    What does life-time mean? Is it forever? is it 100K? 200K?, well, you'll never know and your guess is as good as mine.
    Yet, the dispute gets compounded knowing that ZF is used in so many cars and model
    from Chrysler and BMW to Mercedes, each party has a totally different claim.
    as well as each party has his own valid claims.

    Frankly, I can't comprehend the logic behind it other than saying it was a well engineered
    confusion for whatever reason/s to say the least.
    For example, as I've mentioned earlier, this particular dealer is telling me:
    it was only LAST MONTH when they received a new Chrysler bulletin
    telling them it is Life time, when I've read it on another Chrysler and ZF manufacturing co.
    bulletin saying (in black and white) change the fluid at 70K.
    No wonder why we all reach our own subjective conclusions
    (to change or not to change fluids) has become a naked philosophical question indeed.

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    The fluid can be changed in your ZF :^)

    Yes true, one of the engineers took the car for a road test, he said no issues
    and offered to change it, as a choice of mine NOT as a requirement; then keep the car for two days
    (changing fluids is a very long procedure) temp sensitive fluid etc. Nah !!

    What is this transmission pan? What is different?

    The plastic transmission oil pan with lots of screws and belt-in filter.
    The only difference was in the price between the two countries,
    Jordan charges high custom duty fees which double the price, where in KSA it's about 1/2 the cost.

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