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    I've seen longer threads for less critical items and I was glad to finally hit a topic I could really help on. Best of luck!
    If I may add, in some ways, I believe the forum readers will benefit,
    and learn from your online diagnostics.
    I just wished more members shared some of their expertise
    with us, for the benefits of all.
    Today's mechanic can't survive without technologies.
    Popping hoods to find out what's wrong is slowly fading away.

    I won't be surprised, if one day, this exact problem posted today,
    will resolve itself in the near future. The car will be able to self-diagnose,
    and update its own ECU software; without a human intervention.
    It is not a question of if but when.

    I trust more of similar topics will come,
    I'd voted your contributions to threads with 5 stars.

    All the best.

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    This is to confirm the FIX to RPM drop.

    If faced with similar problem, you may want to (See JDM7 Post #7 ) on how to fix it.

    I did NOT succeed on the first try ( disconnecting battery negative cable)
    But it worked AFTER disconnecting both the positive and the negative, then jumped them together.
    I guess that helped draining the system, forcing ECU to reset, create and/or adapt Default? New? RPM values.
    (Am not a mechanic, so If my guess is wrong, correction is needed!)

    This is what I have now:
    1. Transmission is happy with the new RPM values!

    2. The New Actual/Target RPMs:

    3. Corrected RPM in P and D



    Well Done !
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