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Crap, guess once you get it done. You sort of forget to update things. lol

So, tails were relatively easy. The connectors you can't find anywhere. And the places you can find them want 400+US for 2 connectors. No thanks.

So I thought out of the box a little bit. I remember back when I had my first gen 300 that trailer wiring harnesses wired between the tail lights and the stock harness of the vehicle. WOndering if it was the same for the newer cars, I looked for harnesses. BAM, for 50$ you can get a Curtis wiring harness with the proper connectors!

Making your own pigtail by splicing the 6 pin harness that comes with the stock tails, to the 8 pin connector from the trailer harness. Once that was complete we had to figure out why the turning signals weren't working on the turning signal to turning signal pin. Turns out the tails don't use the turning signal pin? *shrug* So we wired up the brake light signal and turning signal to the brake light pin. With diodes on each wire to prevent backfeed to the BCM. The brake signal turns off when the turning signal is on, so this should never have happened anyways. Better safe than sorry.

As for fitting the tails to the car, 2 of the bolts line up, and you need to drill a new top hole. This top hole needs to be big enough for practically the whole part of that light to go through. Probably 5/8"? And then you need to figure out a way to clamp the light against that hole. Seriously, once its all in your hands, you figure it out pretty quickly.

You ever think about doing a before/after shot with your car for those not on instagram? I know the forums are dead, but you've done something that some people may want to do since they can no longer get an SRT past 2014 but like the updated look. Not saying ME, but people. ;-)