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    Help requested. Leaking coolant under manifold, passenger's side. Heater tube?

    Hello everyone. Happy holidays!

    Driving to work a few weeks ago, I noticed my temp gauge on my dashboard was all over the place. I got home and I noticed the leak. I did start the car and turn on the heater and noticed it was leaking from the indicated area.

    It's not a hose, it's a solid tube.

    Can anyone confirm if it is the heater (HVAC) tube? And if so, how to fix it? Do I have to remove the entire manifold?

    Thanks in advance.


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    There is an o ring that goes around the tube and into the hole.
    There is one bolt at the back of the manifold that keeps the tube in place, undo that and you can pull it back some and put the new oring on (if you can get a hand or tool in there). Don’t think you will be able to pull the whole tube out very easily without pulling the manifold but you can probably get a tool down in there to swap the orings, or if you have small hands.
    Part number for the orings: 53013736AA

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