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    Coolant flush W/O radiator installed?

    Seeing if anyone has any tips to flush the coolant from my system WITHOUT having the radiator installed?? I know how to drain/fill a pressurized system WITH the radiator, however not sure process on this system with no radiator. TIA

    Removed my radiator and noticed sludge build up on petcock, so I'd rather not run the fluid thru new radiator.������

    2008 300 2.7 173k miles

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    Pull your thermostat out, run a garden hose through the block from behind where the thermostat goes and it should run out from where the lower radiator hose comes to the block. Then i would recommend to flush your heater core as well, but that process on these cars is complicated to explain with all the hoses that run around by the heater core hoses.

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