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Thread: new 3.5 guy

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    new 3.5 guy

    ok .... i have had a bunch of lx cars. most were 5.7's and the 3 parts cars i have are 2.7 and thay all have junk engines in them .... i just got a 3.5 HO 09 charger super nice car ... was thinking on parting it out but when i got it to start it runs sweet .... so maby dayly driver ???? what im wanting to know is ... whats the diff with a HO 3.5 and a non HO 3.5. ... is it worth keeping??? its got to be better than the 2.7. .... and will the rear diff (390 gears) that is behind the 2.7 stand up to the 3.5? i have never been a V6 guy but my daytona is getting 8-9 mpg .... figured id dress up a V6 car and enjoy the inc rates and mpg .... thanks Krause Krause - She be home | Facebook

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    i believe the 3.5L are only HO high output. MPG really depends on your driving, i always floored it so i would be getting 11mpg
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    the rear diffs are the same size until you get to the hemi and they are all "H.O." motors
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