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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRicoJam5 View Post
    Help Help Help... ive managed to find my self halfway down this road but now im in need of direction advice and support! i have a 2005 300 with 3.5, ABS, and 42RLE, i bought the NAG1 driveshaft and shifter.. everywhere i looks say's there is no difference in flywheel and the is no one local to do any programming at this point i hate to have to spend $400 on a programmer that im only going to use once and im a lil lost on what to do to the TCM when i do find one with that part number... This Newbie maybe way over his head!!

    Ummmm, is there a question in there somewhere? What exactly do you need?

    If you are looking for PCM/TCM flashing, that's not something you'll be able to program with a Diablo tool. You'll need a StarScan or StarMobile, which I'm sure you don't have, so you'll want to contact Jon Rodriguez (NYInstaller). He can do a pretty quick turn-around and should be able to program any features that are available and necessary.

    You'll have to pull your PCM and then find a stand-alone TCM and send them to him. If you have a junk yard near you, look for any other 1st gen V6/5spd and pull the TCM and wiring harness to make things easier. Another option is to contact Andy at East Coast Moparts and see about buying a new TCM, although it'll be more expensive than a junk yard find it'll still probably be cheaper than your local dealership, even with shipping.

    Either way, Jon will flash them and send them to you. There is also some decent wiring that's necessary, but if you're halfway down this road and didn't mention any of the wiring, then perhaps you've already tackled this part of it.

    Good luck!

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    TCMs do not need to be reprogrammed they are not vin dependant and pretty much the only "free" module on the car. However, they do not exist in the 42rle you are in for an awful time of getting it wired up to the transmission, there is a pigtail harness that comes out of the nag1 that needs to be wired to the tcm harness and then you add the tcm to the car by plugging it in the harness. You also need to build an always on relay so that when you turn the key to on position the tcm automatically turns on. This is the most complex part of the swap as you need to be able to read a wiring diagram if you do not want to start over a bunch of times.

    Fcm needs to be reprogrammed to accept autostick and that the changes are reflected on the cluster i think Jon charges 175$ To get that done.

    Your pcm needs to have proper 5 speed vin added to it (donor car vin)

    also the flywheel is extremely different not even remotely the same bolt pattern
    as for programming that you need to do yourself is set the proper gears with a tuner.

    unless you had a different question... Cause there is no really question in your statement
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    I know I'm a little late to the show but I have an 08 Magnum SXT rear wheel drive that I want to do this swap for
    Can I just pull any nag1 transmission, pcm, wiring harness and transmission control module and other parts listing out of
    any 1st Gen LX as long as it has those features year and model do not matter? Example would be a 2006 SXT rear wheel
    Magnum or charger. Also on the wiring side of things does anyone have pictures and write up for that or is it as simple
    As comparing the wiring diagram for the 4 speed and the 5-speed and just wiring as needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tesseract View Post
    if you have the PCM, FCM and TCM and wire harness from same donor car logically there should be no programming done because you are swapping out the engine and you will be running off the VIN of the donor vehicle, the only thing that needs to be reprogrammed are the keys, if you have a key guy you should be golden!

    So is this a sure thing if I get all of those plus your list? Strongly considering this after much research. Would there be any conflicts other than needing to resync the keys to the ignition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimagic5 View Post
    So is this a sure thing if I get all of those plus your list? Strongly considering this after much research. Would there be any conflicts other than needing to resync the keys to the ignition?
    Depends... are you talking about swapping v6 to hemi engines n all or 42RLE to NAG1 swap? If engine swaps yeah as long as its from the same vehicle all the modules will be programed for that vehicle already.

    If your talking 42RLE to NAG1 swap then no. No especially if its an 2008 ish 300. The write up on this site are for pre-08 300s. There are a few thing that were slightly different. I found this out when I did my swap. Driveline had a lip that needed trimmed to fit. Transmission mounting bracket was different and had to be modified. 08's don't have FCM (Front Control Module) s they have TIPM (Totally Integrated Protocol Module). TCM (Transmission Control Module) is encrypted into the PCM (Powertrain Control Module). 42RLE PCM has 4 plug connection spots and the 4th one has pins in it. On a NAG1 PCM that 4th spot has no pins. Which means you'll have to replace the 42RLE transmission PCM with a NAG1 transmission PCM as well as add a standalone TCM to bypass the Chrysler encryption for its TCM.

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