I wanted to inform the community of my exceptional experience with the Driveshaft Shop. As many of you know this company provides upgrades to the drive line components for LX/LC and other platforms. I bought one of DSS' old driveshafts used (2 Piece Unit) for my 13 M6 Challenger R/T. I'm not sure if this unit was bent or not when I bought it, however I know for certain that I totally twisted the snot out of it at the ATCO event, which coincidentally contributed to my trans getting destroyed as well. After having my Trans & Clutch replaced, while on the test drive my deal showed me just how bad the shaft was twisted. Fast forward to me contacting DSS. I explained to them the situation, and they are going to fix this shaft for me. I may have to pay for it, but honestly speaking considering I'm the second owner of this product, I was expecting them to tell me to kick rocks..... It was quite the opposite, TAD ( the technician I dealt with) was very understanding, and empathetic. He got me a RMA number, and told me to send the unit into them. He informed me not to worry that they would do everything they could to fix the unit, and have it re-balanced. In my opinion this is extraordinary customer services especially from the stand point that I didn't buy this unit from them to begin with. I'm very pleased with DSS as a company, and I intend to buy their lvl 5 axles for my car, as I keep adding more power for some odd reason. I highly encourage anyone who is on the fence to do business with DSS, they are a great company to work with.