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    Advanced Search with multiple words is now an "OR" rather than and "AND"


    probably not the most technical way of saying it but it seems the advanced search now does an OR on multiple words rather than before when it did an AND search

    so if i search for thread titles "Mopar suspension" for instance before it would search for thread titles with the words "Mopar" and the word "Suspension" in it. Now it seems to find all thread titles with either the word "Mopar" or "suspension" so you get all kinds of threads about mopar, suspensions and somewhere in that list of threads is the info you were looking for.

    is there a way to get the advanced search to do the AND search rather than OR (which i find useless) I've noticed the new version of forum software all do this (on other sites) and ive never found a way to do an AND search with it. Am i missing something or can we no longer do it and if not is there an way you can add it back?

    Anyway, any info would be awsome thanks

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    There isn't a way to do specifically what you are referring to, where it will find posts that have those two words SOMEWHERE in the post. BUT, you can do a search for a post where those two words are used together. To do this, just put your two terms inside of double quotes. Like this: "Mopar Suspension". This will return only posts that have those two words consecutively in that order. So if someone said "suspension mopar" in their post, that post wouldn't be returned. Hope this helps a little at least.

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