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    Mods: How about increasing the number of pages in "New Posts"

    When I check into LXForums, I will first go into "New Posts" to see what's up. However, if I haven't checked in for as little as a single day, I find that I reach the page limit before I get to all of the new posts that have happened since I last checked in. I'm missing out on some potentially great stuff and don't have the time to search through the individual forums (or maybe I'm lazy). Does anybody else notice this?

    I think the number of pages that pops up in "New Posts" should be greatly increased. How 'bout it, mods? Can it be done? What do y'all think about it?
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    I check in every day about the same time and all I get is 300. I would also like to see this limit increased.


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    i think i get 14 at most, but i always stop once i've read 10 pages. have you edited which pages show up?

    there is a setting that limits what you see. for example i do not live in canada, or am a part of other regions of the USA, nor am i military, so i have those threads unchecked so that they dont come up in the "new posts"
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