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    Why not organize a "no holds barred" day

    This one day of the year would eliminate all the rules that keep this forum cruising in the right direction.

    On this day you can post absolutely anything that you want us to see, hear, feel, know and somehow touch what you have always wanted, but just bloody well couldn't!!!

    On this day, the the gloves come off and the battle armor goes on...and you have 24hrs to get it all in, then off to the abyss it goes.
    I bet that it would set a record for the "
    Most LX Enthusiasts ever online"

    I think you get the drift on this would be a blast...lots of laughing till I cry on this day....LMFAOTIC
    (best to keep the kiddies away from the PC that day as well )..

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    I give you credit for an unusual idea

    But no..... Unless the threads start only in the ABYSS. A bonus would be more site supporters.
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    Reading some of the ABYSS threads is worth ponying up the bucks for Site Supporter!

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    I like this idea!
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    Only for the Abyss if at all. I think it would destroy more than it would help.


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    Great idea Ron but i agree that it would best be held in the Abyss. After 24 hrs all those threads would be locked!
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    BIG beans Ron, for such an awesome idea!

    Quote Originally Posted by bandaid View Post
    Great idea Ron but i agree that it would best be held in the Abyss. After24 hrs all those threads would be locked!
    Quote Originally Posted by JarZ View Post
    Only for the Abyss if at all. I think it would destroy more than it would help.
    I'm all for it Make it age restricted if necessary
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    Since I'm rarely here anymore, please email me for a reminder. ;.)

    EDIT: ;.) is the smiling Lemmy. lol

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    I honestly don't think it would be healthy for the forum no matter where it was held. Enough dirty laundry would get aired to possibly further some people's animosity towards each other that has been limited to face to face interactions. Frankly, people have a few drinks and get behind the keyboards and nothing good comes of it (unless you're name is Bandit). Whether it is explicit topics or just plain bashing i really think the forum should maintain its sensibilities and save that stuff for a meet and greet.

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