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    Toys for Tots Restrictions

    Folks, I hope that many of you will attend the SpaceCityLX Toys for Tots M&G scheduled for December 12, 2009 at the Mekong Grill. The point of this thread is to convey that there are certain restrictions on the kinds of toys that can be donated to the Marines Toys for Tots campaign. I did not know this but as I was reading the SoCalLX clubs post, there are certain rules we need to follow. Mnybe you all knew this already so apology for the post if you did. See for details so you don't waste your hard earned cash. And thanks for SoCalLx for the info.
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    Here you go... and thanks for the shout out...

    If you would like to make a cash donation directly to Toys for Tots, you can do so right through their website at .

    Here's a few rules from one of the Toys For Tots FAQ's:

    Q : What kinds of toys are not allowed?
    A : No Toys with military theme. No Toys related to weapons/law enforcement type toys. No Toys with candy. No used toys. No stuffed animals or teddy bears. No chemicals (i.e. experimental labs, acid, crystal projects, etc.). The Toys For tots program do not allow these toys. The Toys For Tots of the Marine Corps reserve will not distribute toys fitting this description that are donated to the program to children. Instead, these toys will be donated to another charity organization.

    Q : What kind of toys can I donate?
    A : New, unwrapped toys preferably around the $10 or above price range. It is unsafe to distribute dangerous or dirty toys that could cause injury or illness to a child.

    Q : What ages of children are eligible to receive toys?
    A : National rules and guidelines permit distribution of toys to children from 0 up to 13 years of age. However, Marine Corps Reserve units are authorized to place further limitations on this depending on conditions in their areas. In South Orange County county , the decision has been made to distribute toys to children up to 17 years of age only. We will also distribute toys to individuals that are over 17 in special needs cases.

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    that least kinda puts serious limitations on toys that can be bought..

    it seems it has to be a barbie doll or a small car.
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    thanks for this info Dr. Al.

    the local houston website faq says the following:

    Any toy that does not promote violence and must be new and unwrapped.
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    Guess I'm taking my Barambo back. And she has a cool M-60/grenade launcher.
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    Thanx for the info guys

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    wow that does narrow it down alot
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