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    Pics from SCLX Meat and Greet/Salt Lick

    Now that was a great road trip and an excellent lunch wasn’t it ?? Who wants more ribs and brisket ?!!?? lol !!!

    Big thanks to everyone for coming from Alamo City LX, Capital City Modern Mopar and of course SpaceCity LX. We trust everyone enjoyed the trip, seeing friends, making new friends, a super lunch and of course all those great rides !!!! What a great way to spend the day together

    The road trip most importantly was a safe one – we appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

    We had some super weather today – all the sun we needed for that perfect cruise for some serious BBQ at the Salt Lick.

    It was also great to have James Howard from Hennessey Performance Engineering in attendance. He is available for all your LX performance needs. Hennessey Performance Engineering - Home Page 979.885.1300

    For all the pics, visit our online album:
    Picasa Web Albums - Space City LX - Salt Lick Mea...

    See you at the next event,

    Johnny Bee
    Misson Commander / President
    SpaceCity LX Modern Mopar

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    Nice pics Mark - great time was had. Hey where did the HUMIDITY go? It was BEAUTIFUL up in the Hill Country!!!!!

    Here is a few on a slide show that we took.

    A short video thru the parking lot.
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    On behalf of the entire team at Hennessey Performance, I would like to thank you for your warm hospitality and great experience. Look forward to speaking with you all soon.


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    We (ACLX) absolutely appreciate the standing invite and had an incredible time! SCLX does it right and it was evident as we watched ya'll roll in--bad azz LX after LX, Challenger, Jeep SRT, Caliber SRT, and who knows what else! You organization and tight and the membership top-notch. We're taking notes!

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    Once again, LX at its finest!! Pics can be view at

    Thanks Space City LX!!

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    Great pics everyone. Couldn't have asked for a better day, weather wise, for a road trip and down right delicious BBQ. It was a rare September day in that the humidity was so low, for this time of the year, in Texas.

    I took some pics of the SCLX road trip and meeting up with C2M2 Austin LX club, along the way and then we all road together to the salt lick.

    Johnny Bee, SCLX Prez., in his Super Bee

    Johnny Bee in the lead car, and the rest of SCLX in the side mirror.

    Another line shot of the SCLX pack.

    You take a picture of me, I will take a picture of You, lol.

    Does that have a HEMI....YA IT DZ.

    One of our SCLX members new Challenger.

    Long line of LX's.

    LX'z as far as the eyes can see, rolling through the hill country.

    Black Maggie with a hint of Red, lol.

    Owner of the Black Maggie.

    RayGun's 300SRT Silver Sled.

    Johnny Bee's Super Bee.

    Jon-LilPun7 in his two-tone Maggie.

    Challenger and Black Maggie.

    BPS's new fenders, rolling down the road.

    BPS rolling down the road.

    FreebirdSRT's Maggie and Lilpun7's SRT Maggie. Meeting spot where SCLX met up with C2M2 (Austin).

    The Hennessey Jeep SRT shop truck, James from Hennessey was driving it. Other LX's in the background.

    Johnny Bee's Super Bee.

    More LX's and the Challenger.

    Big D's 300C, from C2M2 (Austin).

    10 miles from the Salt Lick restaurant and look what we run into on the road.
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    fun times once again my friends. i had a blast in austin sat. night and sunday... great food everywhere..

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    really sorry i missed this one. looking forward to seeing the SCLX crew again. busy time of year with kids sports going on.... but i'll find some time to break away.

    thanks sshemi and freebird for posting pics.

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    you know i woke up at 7 that morning, walked outside and started to kick myself in the butt cause it was such a nice day and for some reason i was able to wake up that early (worked LATE the night before) i made the best of it by riding my R6 around but so wish i went on the trip...will be there next time

    I'm not sure if his Magnum will fit in my parking space.
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