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    SoCal / Orange County Suspension Shop?

    First-time post for me here on the LX Forum, glad to have found you guys!!
    So much great info and knowledge here.....I'm hoping you guys can set me straight with a solid Suspension Shop recommendation.

    My tale:
    A year ago I picked up a super-clean, reasonably-low-miles (55,000) 2006 Magnum SRT8 up in Norcal.
    Bought it from the original owner.
    Been daily-driving it since. Seriously. Dream Car!!!! And not a weekend garage queen. I drive this thing.....everywhere.
    And this car runs effin' great.
    It growls, it rips, it snorts, it dishes out sweet Hemi-Hell-and-Fury on command, it runs smoother than any car I've ever owned, I love this car..... .........but..............


    Is there a quality Suspension Shop in SoCal that is knowledgeable (truly) in working on the LX cars' suspension?
    I've had it to three alignment/suspension shops, several tire shops, and the Dodge Dealer.....and none of them seem to be able to agree on what is causing the clunking issues.
    I feel like I've read enough "front end clunk" threads on LX Forum to write a book on the subject.

    Truly, truly hoping that there's "happy ending" stories to be shared from some of you guys about a suspension shop or two here in SoCal.
    Thanks in advance for any Suspension Shop recommendations you SoCal LX pros can pass along!

    (*** Also....I'm looking forward to reading more here on the forum about the SoCal LX crew's activity. Hoping to hit up some sort of LX meetup or a cruise sometime soon this summer. *** )
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    This is a post that sadly went unnoticed. Hopefully he got the car repaired. Too bd we lost him from the forum. We always need fresh blood to keep the enthusiasm for these cars going.
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