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    300C SRT-8 v. BMW M5

    What an ass. Comparing a $40,000 Chrysler to an $85,000 BMW M5.

    This is the same guy that called an Audi S4 a much better handling road racer than a BMW M3. I owned a new S4 before my 300C SRT8 and I swear the SRT handles as well as the S4. And goes a lot faster to boot.
    Jack Evers
    Phoenix, Arizona
    06 300C SRT-8

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    thats like comparing apples to oranges ,but people still do it!!!

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    I love how he made it out as if this was the best car America had offer. Where was the STS V which is a little faster. Or why not the GT500. I love how he put everything on one factor, a drag race to prove his point. The 300 is 4300 lbs. I will take a tiny bit slower 1/4 mile car which is much better looking and pocket the extra $40,000. Then for a few thousand I can supercharge it and blow it away.
    Chandler, AZ

    07 300C SRT-8
    10 Ford Expedition

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    LMAO! Sure looks like he was having the time of his life driving that SRT8!

    I bet that road test ends up indirectly selling more SRT8's than M5's.

    Why is it you only see the M5 in the 1/4 mile dual in the video (and not in the tire smokin' road course)? Well, probably because the M5 is "twice as expensive".
    Hot Wheel Dan

    LMI Hammer; Motorad 332-180 Tstat; JBA mid-pipes; Trinity 91CAI Tune; Daytona RT black pocketed rims

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