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    Lights out on Instrument Cluster Gauges

    The gauges in my '06 MSRT8 work. The lights do not work suddenly. I've checked the dimmer switch to make sure that wasn't it.

    Is there anything else I can check easily? I'll be hooking up the Diablo Tuner to read codes the first chance I get.

    Anyone else have their gauge cluster lights go out suddenly? My gauge cluster went bad before when it was under warranty. (I never saw a problem with it...the dealership said that it was going bad based on a test they did and got me a new one.) Now I'm out of warranty. :/
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    check all of your fuses from under the hood and on the back under the false floor..

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    That is an EL sheet, powered by a power inverter (DC/AC). No bulbs in the cluster. The sheet plugs into a connector on the internal circuit card. The panel lamps driver pins are: C3 11+ and C1 2 Ground.

    If you have intermittent panel lights, you might have a cold solder joint at either the connectors, the inverter, or the connector for the EL sheet.

    You would have to tear into the cluster to check any of these connections, but this info might help, if you need to.


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