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    Removing the Starter - HELP!

    I hate even having to ask this question - How do you remove the starter from an '05 AWD Hemi Magnum? I have pulled the wiring and removed the (2) 15MM bolts holding the starter to the flywheel housing. Starter is loose and I have been playing with it for an 20-minutes trying to find any angle / direction / hole to physically remove the starter from the car. It's caged in and I cannot seem to find a way to remove it! Stupid I know, but a little help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks All...
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    From the manual.... Hope it helps ya.........

    1. Disconnect and isolate negative battery cable.
    2. Raise and support vehicle.
    The steering gear assembly must be partially lowered to gain access to starter. Do not disconnect any hydraulic
    hoses or remove any steering linkage. Proceed.
    3. Remove coupling bolt (pinch bolt) securing steering gear to steering column.
    4. Remove three steering gear mounting bolts and slightly lower gear. Temporarily support the steering gear.
    5. Remove steering gear heat-shield.
    6. Remove two starter mounting bolts (2).
    7. Move starter motor (1) towards front of vehicle far
    enough for nose of starter to clear. Always support
    starter motor (1) during this process. Do not let
    starter motor hang from wire harness.
    8. Remove battery cable-to-solenoid nut.
    9. Remove solenoid wire from solenoid stud.
    10. Remove starter motor.

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    Thank you. Might add that it's much easier if you pull the LF tire.

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