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    SRT Engineers Roundtable: 07/21/10

    SRT Engineers Round Table Discussion, Part III

    Wednesday, July 21st 6pm - 8pm ET

    The ground rules:

    • First off, the SRT Engineers take time out of their busy schedule making go fast goodies to be here to answer our questions. Let's show them the proper courtesy and patience. There will be many questions and they may not be able to answer every question asked. If your question is skipped, please be patient as questions are not answered in order.
    • Please only ask one or two questions. There are lots of people who want to ask questions, so let's give everyone a chance.
    • Stay on the topic at hand. SRT Vehicles! Keep the off-topic chat to the other sections of the website. There is to be no discussion between members in this forum. Ask your question and enjoy the replies from the Engineers!
    • If your question has already been asked (by you or someone else). Don't re-post it in hopes to get it answered quicker.
    • Make sure you let the SRT Engineers know what model SRT vehicle you are driving or inquiring about. Yes, a head gasket is quite different between an SRT8 and an SRT4.
    • As much as everyone is salivating over what comes in the future, the SRT Engineers cannot answer any questions regarding future product.
    This thread is now open so you can start posting your questions.
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    Hopefully some things about the 6.4 are no longer "future product"... What can you tell us??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adanac Charger View Post
    Hopefully some things about the 6.4 are no longer "future product"... What can you tell us??
    They were still considered "Future Product" this weekend at LX & Beyond in Ohio. I doubt they can say anything other than it exists and it is currently in production. When the OFFICIAL numbers are released I'm sure it will blaze across the forums faster than anything.

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    Is there a way to test a Throttle body to see if the motor is going?
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    Can you shed any light on the theory that line locs may be causing Getrag clucth pack failures, and why?



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    Have you had a lot of issues with fan motors, I am on my third set and the car is only 3 years old ?
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    SRT Engineers,
    Thanks so much for taking your personal time to have these discussions with us. This type of interaction with the engineering knowledge behind these great cars was a significant contributing factor in my decision to buy a new SRT8 for myself. In the few months we've owned our car we've enjoyed it so much that we've just added another new SRT8 to our garage for my wife.

    We are really enjoying our hot rods - Thanks!


    -For the Chassis guys:
    Has your testing of the front and rear strut tower braces shown a measurable positive performance result? Any info/metrics you can share with us would be greatly appreciated.

    -For the Engine guys:

    What is the limiting factor for the 6100rpm redline on the 6.1? Valve springs? pistons? heads??

    Thanks again!
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    Lots of 5.7 guys have added the 6.1 oil pump to their 5.7 engine. Some have issues with MDS since pressure is higher, any other issues to be concerned about as it was designed for the 6.1 oiling circuit and not the 5.7?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemissary View Post
    For the work being performed, length is far more important than diameter :^)

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    Can you shed some light on the diagonal braking that the SRT engineers mentioned at LX ? Beyond and it's impact on the Getrag clutches when using a line-loc. Thank you
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    Spark plugs.
    Is there a recommended mileage for changing plugs in our vehicles for day to day, spirited driving?
    Combustion/injector cleaning.
    Your recommended maintenance schedule for combustion cleaning and as well as fuel injectors with again day to day spirited driving habits.

    Note of thanks.
    For designing the best vehicle I have ever driven lifetime.

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    Hypothetically,if you guys had a LX and wanted a stock cat back exhaust what would you do to modify it, if anything to support say 650-700hp? I know what Pauls answer is,but I wondered if there were any other opinions on increasing the flow or if it is even needed.
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    A lot of folks on the forum have had a problem with engine stalling. For me on three separate occasions the car (2009 Challenger SRT8) has stalled when slowing down and preparing to make a turn. It happened twice with my 6.1L engine and once with the 426. Given it has happened with the stock and stroker engines I don't think it is the engine. Is it a potential problem with how the fuel system/tank is designed ? Would like any insight on where to look for the problem and how to solve the issue?
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    Why is the TCM programming still such a mystery to aftermarket companies. Seems like the PCM tuning has either been released or at least decoded allowing us to reap some good performance gains. Why not release the TCM tuning codes to allow us to keep up with the competition (which is getting very stiff).

    Lots of these cars with aftermarket parts are making power past 6400 rpms and my buddy with an '06 300 SRT8 (without the TCM flash) is able to paddle hold the shift at times to 7000 rpms without a problem. Some of us here are big boys and are willing risk popping a motor (on our dime).
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    Thanks SRT engineers, I like what you did so much, I bought two.

    What recommendations do you have to improve the life of the ball joints in the upper control arms up front?
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    Thank you for electing to attend these Q&A's; we consider them of great value to us.

    Please forgive the reference to a non-SRT part in this comparison; it has been suggested that the new 2009 composite intake manifold is very similar to the 6.1 aluminum intake in rate-of-flow, runner length, and therefore power band. Flow results have the 2009 composite unit within a few CFM of the existing SRT intake manifold.

    Can you kindly confirm or deny please they are pretty close in actual configuration. The idea being the composite version offers less mass and a lot less heatsoak...
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