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    PWR KILLER 5.7 Sets 5.7 NA Record

    Many, many thanks to Andy and Justin at PWR! These are two good guys, who know there stuff. These two guys made me a believer this weekend at the Modern Hemi Shoot Out at MIR.

    EVERYONE says a high lift cam will not 60' EXCEPT PWR. We made a 1.58 60' in +2000 DA at 4,000 pounds to tie the 5.7 60' record. The record was set in -1000 DA at Atco in a 3700 pound Challenger!

    THEY said big valves in a 5.7 are not needed and "may" even make you go slower. Not with this combo! To date this combo has the lowest ET and highest MPH.

    EVERYONE says PWR has never built a fast 5.7. Not any more!

    Andy will tell you I didn't want his big A$$ cam, that he almost had to give it to me! That is about 90% true. He just won't give it to me!

    When Justin said that the LS1 guys were running the higher lift cams in similar displacement with heads ported to the max with the biggest valves they could get, I was getting it. Lastly, Mike Doban ran about 10 different head/cam combos in his Performance Trends program and PWR's combo came out on top. I was ready to take the chance. We put pulled the "other guys" cam and put in a PWR cam.

    PWR is willing to explore ideas and think out of the box.

    Thanks PWR!

    ALL MOTOR Times:
    5.7L: 11.29 ET, 118.6 MPH, 1.50 60'
    6L: 10.76 ET, 125.6 MPH, 1.47 60
    ALL MOTOR - Iron Block Record
    1st NA Iron Block in the 9's

    9.27 ET, 147 MPH, 1.36 60'
    Thanks: HRH Performance Engine, Thitek Heads, Paramount Tran
    Tuner: Tommy Presley

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    So what is the 'complete' package? i.e. forged, TC stall, intake, etc... Let us know what it takes to run mid 11's brudda.
    PS- change yer profile info, etc... lol!
    Hemi Registry 0436 PWR Forged 6.1 block -YSI @20psi -Modern Muscle Performance Stage3+ manifold and custom cam - 90mmTB- Indy Heads - TTI Longtubes - Enhanced(hemi31) TC/Transmission - HemiTuner TCM - BFNY 3.06 Getrag-325/45/17M&H 9.937 @ 138

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    And this is why I decided to go with Pwr
    CAM ONLY RECORD HOLDER 12.34 @108.89 & 1.66 60'
    Email mailed tuned by Brent@dtpracing.comComp268cam,

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    Sounds like a great combo. Those are many of the same reasons I went with PWR. Andy also wanted to try a big cam. I trusted his input. Plus, he wasn't afraid of me hitting his motor with a 400 shot.
    06 MSRT8 Mods: PWR Aluminum 406, Thitek Heads, AGP Twin Turbo kit, ATF TH400, DSS 9'' IRS
    Installed by GearHead Fabrications

    RIP Lou

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    Quote Originally Posted by robsrt View Post
    Sounds like a great combo. Those are many of the same reasons I went with PWR. Andy also wanted to try a big cam. I trusted his input. Plus, he wasn't afraid of me hitting his motor with a 400 shot.
    lol im hitting his with atleast a 200 shot and around 16-20lbs with the ysi. i asked for the biggest cam he could get me. he thinks im crazy but he is doing the same thing lol. two great minds think alike or two dipsh#ts think alike. I guess we will find out :P

    PWR Prostreet 419 twin S300sx3-66 78/73mm Turbos,SHR Tranny,Protorque 4400,Super Dana 44,KWV2 suspension, Custom Fuel System W/Triple Walbros, ID2000's, Arrington 90mm TB Ported Intake W/Thermal Coating, Weld Racing Wheels 17x8 & 17x10, AMS 1000, BuilderBill TCM

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