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    What seperates our heads from the rest?

    Some customers have questioned why our heads are more than the competition so I felt it was time to detail whats going on inside of our "heads".

    As you will see below, not all heads are created equal. Some will port the heads, install a new set of springs and slap a $1600 price tag on them. Unfortunately, we will never be able to compete with that and here is why.

    Lets start with the packaging and how they ship. Double boxed and wrapped in a bag with anti-rust coating agent.

    Bronze Guides: Bronze guides provide superior heat transfer, resists seizing, and can handle closer tolerances (which imporves valve life and reduces oil consumption).

    CNC Ported: CNC porting is more consistent and will produce better results compared to hand-ported heads. Each CNC ported cylinder head will have the exact same port and chamber configuration as the original master used to develop the CNC program. When hand-porting, there is human error making it difficult to replicate the same port 8 times over per set of heads.

    Titanium Retainers/Hardened Locks: Lightweight 10* titanium retainers weighs only 16 grams compared to 19-21 for stock retainers. Both retainer and locks are heat treated for maximum strength.

    Machined/Hardened Spring Locators: Helps prevent spring from "walking" and digging into the aluminum head. 8620 material and heat treated for maximum strength.

    Stainless Valves: NK-842 Stainless Intake material and XH-426 Exhaust material, chrome stems and hardened tips, swirl polished and machined, "pro-flow" design.

    All sharp edges are de-burred and smoothed so as not to cut your fingers while handling.

    Smaller port job ensures no loss in port velocity while still flowing upwards of 360cfm's.

    In addition to that, we use Pac Racing springs in all of our heads as well as viton valve seals.

    PAC racing valve springs began its existence with cutting edge technology in material advancements and processing advancements that have allowed our valve springs to excel in all forms of racing. From PAC proprietary alloy PAC alloy, to PAC-enhanced processing to our continued development of further materials and processing, PAC racing springs will give you the competitive edge you need in the demanding stresses of racing.
    PAC racing valve springs gives an attention to detail in spring manufacturing which is highly uncommon throughout standard spring making processing. From Design, manufacturing, customer satisfaction, no detail is left un-noticed. Whether you need springs to endure motorcycle engines at 15,000 RPM, your 10,000 RPM cup engine, or springs for your racing lawn mower, PAC racing valve springs has the technical edge and experience to propel you to the finish line.

    Viton valve stem seals are designed to keep oil out of the combustion chamber. They are manufactured from special Viton material for maximum control and durability throughout the entire rpm range. The seals feature a special smaller design to allow clearance in small inside-diameter valve springs.

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    2015 GCSRT8---stock for now

    2012 300SRT (SOLD) / 2009 MBP GCSRT8 (SOLD) / 2006 Brilliant Black Charger SRT (SOLD)

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    So beautiful...about to bring a tear to my eye! lol!! looks just like mine getting installed Saturday!!! Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!! More power.. now I just need someone to drive my car correctly for me!
    Blk 300c Srt-8, Pwr's Stage II heads/Stage III cam, Johan tuned, Cai, 180 t-stat, cats delete, Flowmaster 40's, Reso's delete, Blk srt wheels, Toyo proxes 4's 245-275 combo, Hawks hps pads, AEM Uego, Catch Can. TRADED FOR 2008 BMW 335I

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    And best of all....they perform!!!

    PWR 426, Paramount Tranny/4000 dominator, PWR cam 247/252 115+2LSA, Apache Heads,
    Modern Muscle ported intake/90mm TB, Kooks LT headers, Billy Boat exhaust. LMI Intake

    Installed with love by AMP!!!

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