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    new problem... My car has a mind of its own

    My car used to cruise around thinking it was a Mercedes Benz. But now it thinks its a Toyota. wtf? a toyota i mean come on. damn jap crap.

    well let me tell you what happened.

    I purchased and installed a few parts from PWR and now the damn car has almost uncontrollable acceleration. The only way i can control it is to...well i dont know actually. Its plain scary to drive i'm very afraid.

    I'd tell you more but i gotta go for a cruise and try to tame this beast.

    This is a warning for future customers of PWR. Dont say I didnt warn ya!!

    Blow it up and trailer it home!!

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    Yea we have been making people sign disclaimers hehe

    now Cruise on down to the track and lay down some low 10's for me :D

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    tony ain't laying down anything with a ten......... guy can't even beat a car with a little ol' stock 6.1 with a small blower..... hehehehehe

    tony has one quick ride!!! pwr has him moving quite well!!!
    9.39 @ 148 mph P
    WR forged 6.1 Procharger F1A Nitrous Outlet
    AfterHours Mopar Perf. installed!!!

    "This is what I love about drag racing. I feel an intense focus as everything is extremely loud and quiet around me simultaneously. Nothing else besides me and my immediate environment exists for these short moments." - Budoboy

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    I wish I had that problem. I keep pressing my gas pedal and nothing happens.

    However, I think I'll have that same problem soon when the new PWR cam goes in.

    You definitely got a strong package there. We're still waiting to see some nitrous times though.
    06 MSRT8 Mods: PWR Aluminum 406, Thitek Heads, AGP Twin Turbo kit, ATF TH400, DSS 9'' IRS
    Installed by GearHead Fabrications

    RIP Lou

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