Description: I am parting out my 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8. Due to accident damage and missing fenders when I got it I calculated it's just not worth it to try to fix anymore. THIS CAR ONLY HAD 1100 MILES ON IT. The mileage is correct as it was sitting in storage since 2010 and only moved out of my garage to remove all the parts.

So far I have sold:

Motor, Tranny, driveshaft, harness, accessories, computer
complete exhaust system
front bumper, front fenders
Brembo brakes
rear subframe with differential, axles and hubs
spings & shocks
door panels
K&N intake
radiator fans & hoses
instrument cluster
unibody with a/c box
passenger door
dashboard harness
ignition box
steering wheel
interior harness
floor mats
ABS pump and computer
door mirrors

Here are the prices of what I have left:

500 hood
400 RER Navigation unit
350 dashboard
250 rear bumper
250 rear decklid
250 smoked taillight 3 piece set
250 sunroof assembly
200 driver's door
190 steering rack
150 center console
125 steering column
125 overhead console & harness
100 rear view mirror
100 carpet
100 ignition
100 stereo amp
100 door and rear deck speakers
80 navigation bezel
60 dashboard defrost grille
50 cowl
50 door glass
50 fuel door
50 headliner
50 seatbelts
50 mirror cable
40 3rd brake light
40 taillight bezel
40 headlight switch
40 A/C controls
20 seat heater switches
20 hazard/ESP switch panel

Price (USD): $20

Location: Hollywood, FL
Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within Country
Shipping Cost (USD): $1

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2010 Challenger SRT8 complete part out