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    Thought I would share a story... :0)

    I finally have the book in my hand & I see that's only 180 pgs & 96 short stories.
    Since I picked them up, late today (friday), I didn't find out how much it weighs, so I will know more later.
    All of the stories are written... like I was writing to you... so they all start out with "Hi"
    ~ Enjoy~

    You bought the Pie??

    I used to sell cars at William O. McKay's Ford in Seattle, back in the day, when Pinto's were $2000!! (I know ... just aged me... again! :0)
    While the other salesmen were showing me "the ropes" .... When they walked up to the coffee dispensing machine, they mentioned that each day they get a cup of coffee. On the cup, there's a dealt hand of Poker.
    They went on to say, "Who ever gets the worst hand of the day, gets the Pies!", as one of them is pointing to the pie factory store across the street!
    Since, I don't drink coffee, so they added hot chocolate, which I was really happy about.
    For the next 3 weeks, I had been really lucky with my cups and hadn't had to go for pies.
    And ... the pies were really good !!
    Finally!! The day came that I had a bad poker hand on my cup and it was my turn to get the pies.
    Walked across the street, to the pie store, walked in and purchased 2 pies.
    Came back to the lunch room and started to dish up the pie, as they had done for me ...
    One of the salesmen came in and looked at the box that the pie came in and said, "Hey, how did you get pies and the boxes that aren't crushed and mangled??"
    I looked at him, with a puzzled look on my face and said, "What do you mean??" Then I added, "I just took them off of the rack."
    Salesman said, "You bought them??"
    I said, "Well, yeah, didn't you??
    He said, "Heck no!!!! We got them out of the dumpster in the back!!"
    Needless to say, I only ate the pies that I bought, from now on!! J

    .......................... OK, one more :0)

    Richard Cranium

    Uncle Jim would come out every summer from Montana and most of us knew that he liked to fish, so one of us would take him out.
    Uncle Jim would always invite us back to see him and as he would put it ... "where the fish are huge!!

    So, one summer, I decided to take my kids and my boyfriend for a road trip to see uncle Jim in Montana. Plus, to check out for myself just how big are these fish!
    12 hours and a beautiful drive, we were there.
    Uncle Jim and his family came out to greet us.... the good 'ole Montana style!!
    The hugs must have lasted for 20 minutes!!

    Finally settled in and Jim can't wait for us to get out on the water.
    I looked at aunt Mary and said, "He does mean .... tomorrow, right??"
    Uncle Jim looked at me and said, "Yeah! OK, Tomorrow!! Bright and early!!"
    I visited with the family and I don't remember seeing uncle Jim the rest of the night, since he was getting the boat ready for tomorrow.
    Aunt Mary said, "That he is so excited for us to get here, that he has checked and double checked all the stuff for the boat... 6 or 7 times!!!"

    Early the next morning, I am crawling out of bed and see my uncle Jim in the hallway with a fishing pole, saying ... "Come on girl!! The fish are biting!!"
    It doesn't take us long to get to the Flat Head lake and his boat.
    What a lake and HUGE!!
    Biggest lake in Montana and like the locals say ... "Everything is bigger in Montana!!"
    So, we all 'piled' in uncle Jim's 47 foot cruiser.
    What a nice boat!!
    Within an hour, uncle Jim had gotten us out to where 'his' fishing hole and had all our poles in the water.

    My friend and uncle Jim seemed to 'hit' it off and were telling jokes.
    Having a nice time, with the sun shining and I am thinking a good time for a tan, when all of sudden this young kid came by with his speed boat, came really close to 'our' boat and some of the fishing lines broke!!
    My friend yells out "Richard !! Richard Cranium!!"
    The kid looks back and waves!
    Uncle Jim asked if he knew him??
    My friend said, "No!! I just called him a Dick Head politely !!
    Uncle Jim thought that was the funniest thing that he ever heard!!


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    Those were funny. Thanks for sharing!
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