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    New Magnum SRT8 Owner - Observations & Questions

    I've always loved the Magnums and was looking for an RT as a daily driver but found this 2007 SRT8 with 34K miles. I look forward to the relationship. I'm a Mopar guy and this is a good companion for our 1968 Chrysler Town & Country.

    Service so far: Exchanged brake, PS, trans, diff fluids. Rear pads. Waxed paint but will need some more work to bring it up.

    -Interior in like new condition.
    -New tires, Michelin Pilot Sport AS3's, but all the same size - 245's.
    -Amazing acceleration, braking, and grip.
    -Tracks true on the highway.
    -Tored is very red.
    -No steel flakes in the rear end or transmission when drained
    -New front brake pads
    -Accelerator pedal is very progressive
    -Steering feels good
    -Stereo is pretty good, boom box in back occasionally vibrates

    -Choppy ride over small stuff and clunky front suspension
    -Front fascia repainted and does not match exactly, also not good panel fit at hood. Scraped up underneath.
    -Ok 21, 22mpg on the highway is not horrible and not unexpected
    -Perceptible light groaning sound at highway speeds, sounds like U-joint. Visual inspection of rubber disks look ok.
    -Rear pads were worn out. Read in the forum that this is not uncommon for this car. Must be a lot skid control intervention going on.
    -Interior bits are cheapo: buttons, switches and plastics
    -The black trim was horribly faded. Applied some Back-to-Black but will need a more permanent solution.
    -Headllight covers are oxidized.
    -Need to put a hitch on for the bike rack but don't want to cut a divot out of the fascia.

    I would appreciate any advice or feedback. Thanks, Ed
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    You can mount up an undercarrriage hitch from Curt, #12240. Bolted right onto my SXT, I'd think it would do the same for SRT. No cutting of anything requires as it bolts to the frame through existing holes. I did have to get a hitch extension so that the ball and hitch weren't jammed right up against my rear fascia. I tow a motorcycle trailer occasionally when I travel.

    On the switches, I agree with you. My 08 SXT has about 160,000 miles on it (mostly me) and I have had to fix the driver door wiring harness, replace a mirror control switch, replace the clockspring, replace some resistor thingy in the heater vent system, and am now exploring the failing speed control switch. It does make a few creaky/clunky noises on occasion from the front end on occasion but every time my mechanic checks it out he says it is fine so since I trust him I'm letting it go. Worth keeping up with the little fixes for me since I really enjoy the car.
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    The black trim on the B pillar and C pillar can be polished, painted or replaced. I prefer polished since its the cheapest and easiest. You need a power tool whether its a dual action polisher or just a drill attachment. You can try a 3" pad with some rubbing compound and then polish to remove the oxidation and bring back a nice shine to it. You can also try this on the A pillar trim but that is a bit trickier, but much easier to replace.

    The headlight covers are also in need of a good sanding/polish. 3m part# 39084 is a great kit and even better used with a power tool and finished with a fine polish.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I have a Curt hitch in the family already and very happy with it. I wasn't sure if the SRT8 had a lower fascia than the other Magnum trim lines that would interfere. I will try the 3M kit. I've used another kit with disappointing results but I didn't use a power tool, just elbow grease.

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    I bought new head lights from rockauto for under $250.

    Black Charger SRT8 on 24"x10" wheels, lambo doors, hid head light & fog lights, led interior/blinker/license plate/.

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    I bought new head lights from rockauto for under $250.[/QUOTE]

    I checked it, $230 per side.

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