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    Dreams of a Hellcat Demon hybrid dancing in my Head!!

    By Patrick Rall, LXForums Editorial Staff

    Envisioning a Final Edition Hellcat with Demon Parts and 808hp

    Dodge said from Day 1 that the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon would be a one-and-done model, but what about a Hellcat Challenger (or even Charger) with some of the components from the Demon? What if Dodge took those aspects of the Demon that could easily be added to a Hellcat, making for a more powerful Hellcat package that still wouldn’t step on the Demon’s toes?

    Picture this:
    A 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Series II or a “Final Edition” model with the engine from the 2018 Demon, but without the race gas PCM. With the addition of the 2.7L supercharger, this new Hellcat would offer the same 808 horsepower as the Demon in pump gas form and in terms of packaging, all that Dodge would have to add to the Hellcat Challenger to make the Demon engine work is the higher-flowing hood setup. This car could use the 8HP90 transmission from the Hellcat, perhaps with some beefier interior bits while a stronger driveshaft, rear differential and half shafts would help send that extra 101hp to the wheels.

    This 808hp Hellcat would (in theory) have the intercooler chiller system and a detuned version of the Demon’s Torque Reserve system. There would really be no point in including the exact same Torque Reserve system or the Demon’s TransBrake, as with the Hellcat’s narrower street tires, adding all of that power at the point of launch would only make traction impossible. However, for those racers who want to launch with a little more boost, this car could include a “softer” version of the Torque Reserve system included in the Launch Control system.

    This 808hp Hellcat would still have the Hellcat’s big Brembo brakes and 20-inch wheels (not the Demon’s smaller brakes and 18-inch wheels), as well as all of the premium goodies on the inside. Essentially, this Hellcat’s interior would be more or less identical to the current models, rather than the stripped-down cockpit layout of the Demon. Also, this car would come with the same suspension setup as the Hellcat, so it would offer the same handling attributes as the 707hp models, but with more power and more quarter mile potential.

    The brand could go a step further and apply this 808hp Hellcat package to the Widebody models, which would improve traction a great deal, but that might be treading a bit too close to the Demon. Then again, without the Demon’s drag radials out back, the skinny tires up front, the generous amounts of weight reduction, the 840hp tune, the drag strip suspension setup and the Trans Brake – this car likely wouldn’t be anywhere near as quick as the Demon in the quarter mile. It would, however, be considerably quicker than the current Hellcat in every way, all while maintaining all of the comfort aspects of the 707hp cars.

    Will Dodge do this? Who knows.

    We have already seen spy shots of Hellcat Challengers with the Demon hood and the Demon’s 808hp notation on the infotainment screen. Figure that the company had to spend some money to develop all of the unique components of the Demon, and limiting all of those parts to only the Demon prevents the company from making more money on that research and development. Introducing some of those parts – like the bigger supercharger, the Torque Reserve system and the intercooler chiller – would allow the company to spread those R&D costs across more units while also making more money off of those extra vehicles with those components.

    In short, it seems like it would be easy enough for Dodge to transfer those Demon bits mentioned above to a Hellcat and in certainly seems like there would be a market for a spicier Hellcat – especially if they offered this new package for the Charger as well as the Challenger. So they have the parts and they have customers who would buy those cars, making it seem like a final special edition Hellcat with 808hp is almost logical.

    Finally, it is expected that this generation of the Challenger and Charger are in their final few model years. What better way is there to send off the current Hellcat cars than with some special edition package with substantially better performance?

    I cant think of one, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Dodge will read this, agree and roll out one more awesome, supercharged package before the current muscle cars race off into the sunset.
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    I think Patrick is on the money with this one.
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