The Mopar Community Wants More High Performance Dodge Charger Models-dodge-charger-jpg

As the current generation of the Dodge Charger sedan nears the end of its run, the Mopar community wants some new, "special" packages for the high performance Dodge Charger to go along with the newest packages for the Dodge Challenger.

Special Edition Charger Possibilities
Since the modern Charger and Challenger were introduced roughly a decade ago, they have shared engines and (most) trimlines, but that is set to change for 2018 model year. The Challenger now has a unique widebody design in both 707 and 840 horsepower varieties, and while some people hate the flared fender look – other Mopar lovers want to see that look applied to the Charger. It seems possible that adding flared panels to the Charger Hellcat would give the high performance sedan the same advantages over as the Widebody Hellcat Challenger. Bigger tires would lead to improved handling and better grip on a hard launch, possibly making the world’s fastest sedan even faster.

The Bottom Line, Obstacles
Ultimately, while some Charger fans would like to see the widebody look on the high performance sedan, this really comes down to the Mopar community wanting more power from the four-door muscle car. Dodge has engines in their lineup which offer far more power than the 707hp Hellcat model, so even if the tougher Charger didn’t have 800+ horsepower, it shouldn’t be that hard for the company to inject more power into the world’s fastest sedan.

By Torque News