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    The Air Grabber Returns on the 2018 Challenger Demon

    By Patrick Rall, LXForums Editorial Staff

    The Air Grabber Returns on the 2018 Challenger Demon

    Dodge rolled out 4 new teaser images, a new video and a handful of information on the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon today – stating that it will be powered by a supercharged Hemi which will be fed plenty of cool air by the new Air Grabber hood system.

    As you can see in the images here, today’s teaser information focuses on the front end of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – with special interest being paid to the hood. The new Demon will have the largest hood scoop on any production car in America, measuring 45.2 square inches and spreading nearly the entire width of the hood. In addition to that big scoop, the Demon has Air Catcher headlights on both sides.

    All of the air that is sucked in through this huge hood scoop heads through a channel in the underside of the Demon’s aluminum hood to a duct which fits tightly over the top of the new, larger air filter box, where it meets up with the air from the headlights. From there, the air is sucked into the supercharged Hemi, mixed with gasoline and turned into good old American horsepower.

    This system is quite different from the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, which has just a single Air Catcher headlight and smaller hood scoop which doesn’t feed the engine directly. This new, more elaborate air intake system is called the Air Grabber, and while it doesn’t function anything like the Air Grabber hood on the 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner, it serves the same purpose of drawing in tons of air to feed a Hemi V8.

    The new Air Grabber system in the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon has far more potential for feeding fresh air into the engine bay, but it also helps feed much cooler air into the supercharged Hemi. In fact, when tested alongside the Hellcat, the Demon saw air intake temperatures which were 30 degrees cooler on a warm day. That is a serious reduction in engine air heat, which should help the Demon’s Hemi make even more power – we just don’t know how much power yet.

    Finally, along with the four images shown here and the few bits of information, Dodge offered up the newest teaser video on, which offers a computer generated example of the air flow properties of the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon.

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    30 degrees cooler in air temp? That is extremely impressive. I run a turbo on my other car an Infiniti and would love to have 30 degree drop on incoming air. This is really going to be an interesting car.... Can't wait to see it!

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