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    Braided rad hoses

    Hi guys, well I wanna make my engine bay look sexier now and I am in need of some nice braided rad hoses. So my question is we're can I find some bigger braided lines to put in place of factory rad hoses, does anyone have this mod done at all.

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    Heres a good place to start, you can even send them a hose and they will cover braid it,Spectre Performance - Official Site
    Spectre Performance - Official Site

    You may even find one of these on amazon (thats where I got mine) or

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    Smile How to cover your hoses w/spectra steel braided sleeve

    Here are some pics of how I covered my hoses w/Spectra braided cover. Keep in mind that the upper hose has 2 different size ends so measure carefully before ordering your hose ends,and there are 2 different kinds of braided covering,one is actual stainless which needs to be cut with a cut off wheel and the other is tin plated copper which you can cut with ordinary scissors. If you use their hose ends(2 piece style) with a BT water neck,the I.D will need to be opened up using a lathe or a dremel tool

    Heres the new upper hose,ends and covering

    BT waterneck and hose end to be opened up

    Measuring the hose end

    Use that measurement to mark your hose so you know how much sleeve overlap is needed

    Slide the sleeving over the hose and mark for your cuts

    Place tape on the sleeving where cut is to be made

    Clamp the hose w/needdle nose vise grips

    and make your cut

    Use black electrical tape to build up ends

    Tape the ends of the sleeve in place,once again using black electrical tape

    Put your hose ends on and your done

    Make sure to tighten and re tighten your hose clamps over the next few days after install as the tape adhesive gets soft from the heat and your hose may slip off if not re-tightend ( don't even ask how I know),D
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    Spectre also sell universal braided flexible hoses in different lengths, just need the length of the rad hose, order the size closest and can cut to fit.
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