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    Ut oh, i "lied" to myself!!!

    When Tee and I got the last two magnums; both our everyday drivers we said to each other: "We are NOT gonna mod these and just keep 'em as everyday drivers."

    Well you have all seen what both Tee and I have done and still moddin'........ Yup I admit it ~ I LIED!!!

    Although I haven't done TONS of things I do have way more mods than I thought I would do to it.

    Best I can remember, here is what I have done to "BLUE"
    Dodge Rubber Floor Mats, front and rear
    PappaJohns shifter knobs; Three pool balls, one each Blue, yellow and cue ball and wooden pistol grip.
    Small BLUE Leds for the console and drink holders
    Neon tubes in the rear hatch that beat to the music
    Two Lightening Audio 8" speaker and box
    Boss S-2000 amp
    Aluminum gas and brake pedal covers
    Carbon fiber on console, steering wheel and headlight switch

    2009 Challenger SRT wheels and goodyear RSAs
    Painted brake calipers YELLOW
    Four YELLOW neon under body light kit
    Blastin Bob reso delete pipes 9 DB
    Sylvania silver star low beam bulbs
    Painted they headlight eyelids
    Changed side HEMI badges to truck HEMI larger badges
    Vinyl "HEMI R/T" decals on the rear fenders
    ( I got lucky when I bought this car IMO as it already had the SRT front Facia on it and the slotted and drilled rotors.)

    Under the Hood:
    New Champion spark plugs
    Taylor 8mm BLUE shorty wires
    3GCustomz ABS cover
    Billet aluminum Power steering cover & aluminum cap
    K & N CAI and breather filter
    Talking alarm system
    Strobes in the grill with controller
    Painted the strut covers to match the body color

    AND.... NOW have TWO more MODS on order...

    NOPE, NOT gonna spill the beans 'til they get here.

    Think I'm BAD for LYIN' ~ Well Tee LIED about CHANCE too~ LOL
    Old Geezers LOVE cars too!
    HEMI registry #864
    My Rides:
    2006 Black Magnum SRT (SHADOW)
    2005 Red Magnum R/T (LUCKY)
    2005 Blue Magnum R/T (BLUE)
    2006 Silver SuperCharged 300 SRT (643HP)


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    Look at it this way... You're testing new mods on blue for the "other Magnums"... Yeah, Yeah, that's it... They're on Blue just incase you need something for one of the other Magnums...
    08' R/T 29r Redbadge Magnum

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    Jim, I'm not sure I can trust you anymore. lol.

    The Really Old: Stock 5.7 Bottom End | Lead Foot | 11.861 @ 112.76 1.63 60'
    The Old
    : Forged Arrington 6.1 | MMPG Top End | Paramount Drivetrain | 11.67
    The New:
    6.1 based 392 | 3.6L Kenne Bell | Thitek Heads | Paramount Trans/'Verter | DSS 9"/Axles/CF Driveshaft | 10.21 @134

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    Must.......... keep..........hand.............from............key ..board....


    At this point you must know I'm suffering from Magnum envy...........right?
    They all look great!

    "A workshop is a Temple where we invoke the blessings of the Gods of invention.
    And seek refuge from the heretics who know not the joy of creating something unique.

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