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    Engine cover center "mod"

    I've been slowly working on modding my engine cover, including the center section. The cover itself is, for all intents and purposes, done... just some details to wrap it up.

    I wasn't sure what to do with the center. The original piece has long since, flown the coop... in it's place, I'd installed a simple, painted, sheet metal panel.

    I wanted to keep the simplicity, but with a "different" approach. I shot the new piece, using "hammer finish" silver and it came out nice, but blah... My entire engine compartment is either silver of black, it needed a shot of color to liven it up.

    I have a few cans of Candy paint... red, orange and blue, so I thought, "What the heck..". Silver, or sometimes gold, is the base for shooting candies and with the hammer finish, I thought it would make for an interesting end result. I just didn't realize how "interesting" it would be.

    I shot a coat of orange... thinking "Hemi Orange". Well, apparently candy colors and hammer finish are mortal enemies... the orange immediately began "wrinkling" the hammer silver! It looked like a blotchy version of the old "Wrinkle Black" paint I'd used in years past.

    Being just a little P.O.'d, knowing I was gonna be stripping and starting from scratch, I shot the remaining paint onto the panel, just to get rid of it.

    I came back about 10 minutes later, to start the stripping before the paint hardened too much and found the wrinkle effect had covered the entire surface in a nice, even pattern. Hmmm... I decided to roll with it and see what I could salvage.

    I thought a fade would look good, so I shot candy red at one end, fading towards the other. Thinking a stronger fade effect would look better, I fogged blue candy along the front edge of the panel.

    The end result was actually kinda cool. There's the wrinkle finish, but the Candy effect is still noticable.

    Anyway, I'm going to let the color coats cure well and shoot several coats of clear over it. After color sanding and buffing, the surface will be smooth, but the effects will be stll there...

    Here's a shot without any clear...

    P.S. I wrote this several hours ago, but didn't "send" it. I just checked the panel and the finish had "flattened" out a bit, to a "satin". I kind of like it and think I'll leave it as-is for the time being. It's a nice contrast to the gloss finish on the rest of the cover, the fuse panel cover and air cleaner I'd shot in metallic black. I can always go back and clear it for a high gloss finish.

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    Wow, that is a pretty wild effect. Cool!

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