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    How to Change Front Axle (Differential Fluid

    Difficulty rating is EASY: Equivalent of changing motor oil.

    Tools needed:

    8mm Hex Socket

    Siphon Pump with .25 tubing ($1.99 at Ace Hardware or Autozone)

    1 Quart Mobil Synthetic 75w-90 ($8.99 Autozone)

    3/8 ratchet with 3 inch extension

    A container to capture fluid, I used an empty water bottle jug, one gallon.

    Drive car up on ramps or use jackstands. Remove the plastic cover by unscrewing 4 10mm bolts.

    Using the 8mm hex bit and ratchet w/extension, unscrew front axle bolt, located on passenger side, just in front of the axle may be a little snug but shouldn't prove difficult to loosen. No fluid should spill out but prepare for some drips, just in case. FYI, nothing came out of mine.

    Insert siphon into hole where bolt was removed, about 4 inches or so makes it in.

    Start pumping the siphon to draw out the old fluid from case. Move the siphon tube around, while pumping, if you don't see any fluid being drawn out. Once the fluid starts flowing, just pull off tube from the pump and insert into your container...let gravity do the rest.

    Once fluid stops flowing, you know its empty. Be sure to measure the fluid thats come out to be sure you have gotten everything, just in case the hose was moved somehow and didnt capture all the old fluid. It should measure apprx .6ml of fluid.

    To refill, simply elevate your Mobil container and squeeze in the fluid directly into the fill hole. There's more than enough room to do so. Once the fluid starts dripping out the fill hole, you are done. You SHOULD have .4ml remaining in the bottle as indicated by the fill marks on the handle side of bottle.

    I guess you don't have too, but I used teflon tape on bolt before tightening back up. I couldn't find the torque specs, so if anyone can chime in with that info, it would be appreciated. Figured it wouldn't hurt and gave some piece of mind. Wipe off any excess fluid, bolt back the plastic cover guard and you're done.

    Total time took about 40 minutes. 20 of those minutes was to wait for the fluid to finish draining. I didn't trim siphon tube fearing that I might cut too much. I'm sure if tube was shorter, the fluid would have drained quicker.

    Hope this helps, my first how to. There is info related to this topic but I never found an official How-To. Hope this helps and if there is anything I should add, pics or add'l steps, please let me know.
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    my car has back axle diff leak, any suggestion??
    thank you

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    I notice you have an AWD, is this the same for a SRT8?
    *SOLD*06 300C SRT8

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    GOOD JOB, I am gonna have to do this on my AWD as well

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    although the 175mm FIA axle is fill for life, i'm sure many will benefit from your how-to.
    btw, fill plug torque is 22 ft/lbs.

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