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    Question ESP/BAS Dash Light On

    Hey Everyone! Ok so for the past month I've had the ESP/BAS Light on in my dash. I've taken it to the Dodge dealer 3 times now to be fixed. I've been told that it's a communication module failure. It was in the shop on Monday 7/3, this morning I on my way to work the ESP/BAS light came back on AND the passenger side air bag light was OFF with nobody in the car with me (not even my purse)? Has anybod else experienced any problems like this? Any suggestions?

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    i have
    my sons toy went under the pass seat
    and the light came on
    it could be as simple as the connector
    or as complicated as a readjustment

    i stuck my hand under there and wiggled everything around
    and it went away

    id suggest another dealer
    you could even try a chrysler dealer
    thats were i get mine fixed
    cause all my dodge dealers are snobs
    plus my wifes benz dealer works with this chrysler

    good luck
    and oh yea dont let that gallon of milk sit on that seat too long
    thats what got my light on the first time
    2005 hemi magnum
    1978 bandit transam
    1973 formulafirebird

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