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    5.7 Surging while idling

    Recently my rt charger has started surging on the rpms occasionally while idling.. After a bit of driving if I stop my car in either drive or park, every 30 to 60 seconds or so my car starts to surge and dip.. I normally idle at 620 but when this happens I dip down to mid 550 for a second then up to 750.. as soon as it hits 750 it drops back down to 550 and as soon as it hits 550 it goes back up.. the cycle for up to down to up is about a second.. this lasts for about 10 seconds at a time then idles stable at 620 for 30 to 60 seconds until it starts again. Electrical loads like fan and a/c worsen it, but it does it even with everythinf off

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    Could be coking of the back side of throttle body plate. This would cause idle to fluctuate. Also dirty Air breather element. You can clean TB with some carb cleaner.
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