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    Question VersaChem Exhaust System Joint & Crack Sealer

    I have a an exhaust leak on on my catback. The clamps are about as tight as I dare go already. Anyone tried using Versachem Exhaust System Joint & Crack Sealer or something like it? I'll get the car up this weekend once its cool and first try to get it to reseal via unclamping and reseat the catback onto the downtubes. If it still leaks, I was looking at trying this Versachem stuff. Supposedly, it hardens with heat but will allow disassembly if needed later. I seen on Velocity channel TV show Wheelers and Dealers where they worked on a Cobra replica and used a light blue paste on the pipes for assembly/sealing. Might be a lil different than what I am looking at using. Welding would be last resort and I know that would definantly seal it once and for all. Advice?

    SRT Max cam, SLP 25% UD Pulley, Jet 180 T-Stat, Solo X-3 catback, Roto-Fab CAI, and Zeitronix ZT-2 AFR, Blue Top solenoids.
    Cam install and tune by Troy Ding
    . Dyno 31Aug2012: 414hp/410tq _Idle Video_ Best 1/4 mile: 12.428 @ 110.94 mph
    All Mods listed at --> 6.1L Hemi Registry #1530 10ChallSRT8

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    Is it leaking before the cats or after? If its after I wouldnt bother unless it was making a noise or burning something. Catbacks that arent welded usually arent 100% air tight at the connections anyways.

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    I have used Wurth Exhaust Paste in the past with some success, all kind of depends on why exactly it's leaking.

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