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    Got my Order in for my Demon

    My build date is Oct 24th, cant wait til I get my hands on this thing. Ive seen alot of negitivity about this car, lots by the Hellcat Owners. I dont get that, the Hellcat is a completely different set up then the Demon. The Hellcat is much better all around car, track, strip ect. This is why I choose to get a Demon. I wanted something very unique and limited production. Ill try to keep this updated if any one is interested...

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    Congrats on your order! What color did you select? Was the dealer insistent on extra markup?

    Do not be concerned about the naysayers. Some are jealous; some people's heart is really with Ford or Chevy and some Hellcat owners are just pissed that their car is no longer the top dog or will never be the legendary car yours will be. Enjoy you car and be prepared to be envied by some and hated by others. It's just the human race.
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    My Demon.jpg

    this is it.... B5 Pearl with the Full Graphics

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    Holly bird, have fun, that's what i would have bought but the wife wanted a suv.

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    Nice, super stoked for ya man. I wish I new about the demon before I bought my scat 2 years ago lol. But love to line up at a track with ya lol, see if it really is what it's said to be. Super jealous haha, congrats man.

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    Awsome, can't wait to hear how you like it.
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    Congrats, are you gonna ticker with her or leave her as is? lol
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