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    Hellcat Crashed At End of Runway, Two Fatalities

    Prayers to the families of the two in the car.

    What jumped out at me about this story was the age and location of the crash. Usually, when there's been a high speed crash in a Hellcat, it's someone much younger than these two, who were in their 70s.

    Second, is they had the airport permission to make the run. I have a feeling the airport's insurance is going to take one on the chin for this, for allowing this to happen in the first place. The report is pretty lacking, but it doesn't sound like a sanctioned event, just a "Hey Bob, mind if we make a pass on the runway?" From what I've seen at most runway events, is a clearly marked "get off the throttle" sign or marker of some sort.

    The runway is listed at 8300ft long, so they could have been easily north of 150mph and couldn't see how quickly they were running out of braking room.

    Two men in their 70s killed in crash while speed-testing sports car on Buena Vista runway – The Denver Post

    I know it's a bit macabre, but I would like to see more of the details from this accident. Like how fast before they started braking, and how long were they braking prior to exiting the runway.
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    I saw that and there was a similar accident that killed 4 or 5 several years back at the airport where John Travolta had his planes and house, that one was unauthorized the occupants were young.

    Agree on the braking point, things happen fast at that speed and you've got to have a point to shut it down, just sounds like they didn't plan it out right.

    It is a long runway, guess they went off the end of 33, look a pretty rough down there, gotta be careful at those speeds.

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