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    The Muscle Car Wars Return

    Check out this website.

    The article is on

    Head-to-Head Comparison: 2008 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8

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    The best they could say is the Challenger SRT will run the 1/4 in under 14 seconds and it will be comparable to the 13.8 of the GT? The author should have done a bit more research on what the other 6.1 powered cars run.

    Cool find

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    Looks like a lack luster effort on the part of the writer considering there are other SRT's on the road with proven records.
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    I dont know... While they could of said.. the 6.1 with the same approximate weight should expect high 12s or low 13s... Speculation is not journalism either...
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    Mustang guy, Mustang article, Mustang forum...what do you expect??

    he just says the Challenger is ok but it's still not as cool as a GT...right?
    125 more hp...big deal
    too expensive
    BAD gas mileage
    too heavy (all that nasty leather no doubt)
    only offered as an auto-stick this year (that sure slows me down)
    who wants a stupid sun roof anyway?
    I'm hanging my head in's my keys
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    seems like an article that should have written and discarded 3 or 4 years ago during the new muscle car craze.
    They should have car enthusiasts write their car atricles.
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    Still inclined to buy the new Camaro. The dealer treats me like a good customer and will sell it at or a couple hundy below MSRP. The Dodge dealers wants to gouge even their faithful customers for a short term gain and a long term loss.I guess now that they are all headed for the crapper they need to get while the gettin's good.Perhaps there is no long term?? Makes sense to me.

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    All though they call it a test drive, Car and Driver magazine (April 08 issue) only estimates the Challenger's 0-60 time and did not give it an actual dragstrip test. Still Car and driver lists 13.1 at 108 mph and that is a lot better than some of the other articles I've seen; and that is not even the 800 lb lighter Superstock version.
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