Purchased a set of 6db eliminators for my 05 Magnum RT with nothing but a Frankintake IV. First off, I recieved my parts way earlier than I expected. And when I opened the box, I found a very well-made product. So I immediately ran to my car and hacked off the stock reso's and started it, just to see how it would sound with nothing back there. Not exactly awe-inspiring. Just kind of weak like the stock set-up. Then I installed the Blastin Bob's kit and... Oh snap! It is a nice deep, bassy sound. Not too loud, not too quiet, and not tinny or raspy at all. Just right. I've been driving around all weekend at different speeds and RPM trying to get an unpleasant tone, or drone, from it. No success. I guess on the highway at about 2k on a slight incline maybe the sound could be described as drone by some. It is not a loud or offensive tone by any stretch. Just enough to let you know it's there. And thats the whole point, isn't it? So, thanks to Bob for a great product, and great service.