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    Pic and Vid of 2.7L 300 10db/SSR tip

    Installed the 225SSR-V6-Y 2.7L 10db dual conversion with SSR tips on a V6 2.7L 300

    I really like this kit, and glad I went with the 10db. We Installed the kit and left the stock muffler alone. We also didn't cut the bumper. The tips cleared the bumper slightly but we bent them downward just a sqotch to give them a little more clearance. It worked out great. It grumbles when you start it then calms down to idle after a few seconds and then the deep grumble is only noticeable if your listening for it. Sounds really good! It is only loud when you get on the gas, oh and people start looking too, lol its awesome! There is barely any drone at all on the freeway. Around town there is barely any drone either. There isnt that annoying loud humming, or that annoying soft nagging humming. It is virtually unnoticeable at crusing speeds. The girlfriend and kids dont even notice it, I had to point it out. It definatly don't make my neighbors mad. I'm sure it would if I sat there and reved it up all day long, but just starting the car up and driving off to work, there is no complaints at all. Thanks again Bob.

    Here is a comparison video from stock to Blastin Bob's 10db on the V6 2.7 300

    and Here is what it looks like on the back of the V6 2.7L 300 Base

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    I been waiting to find a decent 2.7 video. I was thinking about the 14db kit for my 300 base. But the 10 sounds great.

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