First of all let me say that Bob's customer service is outstanding and his products are first class. I had called Bob late in the afternoon(almost closing time) and he still took the time to listen to my needs & helped me select the right kit. I had ordered the kit on a thursday and did'nt expect it until monday but ,much to my surprise it showed up on saturday. This was'nt a typical pre welded reso kit, but a u-weld it consisting of the glasspack resos,2.5" connector pipes, 4" DW tips & hangers. My exhaust guy was impressed w/ the quality & completeness of the kit. It was a breeze for him to install and the end result was well worth it. Most of the much dreaded drone is gone(running 40 flows),but it still has a nice rumble to it at idle, sounds great at WOT and the 4" stainless tips do a great job of filling up the rear valance factory exh. openings. Bob can add me to his growing list of highly satisfied customers Thanks again,D.