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Thread: Thanks Bob.....

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    Thumbs up Thanks Bob.....

    Known Bob for a long time, he has done exhaust on several cars I have owned over the years..

    yesterday I discovered that one of my locking lug nuts was rounded off, and I could not remove it..

    went to a tire shop that attempted to use a lug nut extraction tool, the only thing they managed to do was chip and scratch the powder coat on my wheels..

    I know Bob has a welding rig, so I swung by his shop this morning, he tap welded the lug nut key to the lug, and I was able to get it off, all in about 5 minutes...

    (and yes I removed the other locking lugs from the other wheels first)

    had to buy new locking lugs, but that's not a big deal...

    Thanks again Bob..

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    You know all the cool guys Marc!!!!

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