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    I've been admiring your products. I especially like the pics of the cut-open resonators and mufflers, where it shows what's inside.

    I have a 2007 Magnum with the road and track package, and have cut out the muffler suitcase, and been running straight resonators for about a year now.

    I'm looking for a new louder sound. Can you send me a sound clip of the 5.7 resonator eliminators with no muffler?

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    Sorry, I don't have a clip of that. I have heard one and it sounds like crap. Since your stock suitcase is straight through you should have removed the resonators instead.


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    I for one removed the suitcase first and than removed the resonators, next day I had to have some magnaflows welded on. It was just too much noise. I also have the blastin bobs resonator delete kit on and wish I had gone with the resonators.

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